Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A vow to make a daytime post tomorrow, maybe even with pictures!

These late night posts have got to stop. Tomorrow I am off for Veteran's Day, so I am going to post during the day when I have more brain power. I am tired and fried right now and cannot think of a damn thing worth posting about!

I made a delicious dinner tonight: pork chops with a soy sauce and garlic sauce, acorn squash, and "mashed potatoes" made out of cauliflower. It was so yummy and we both enjoyed it.

We are looking forward to our day off tomorrow. I am going to take the kids and meet a friend to go for a walk, while Penny has some alone time. We are going out to dinner with some local twin moms and leaving the kids home with their favorite babysitter, Corrina. She's our favorite, too!

And now, I hear Jordan coughing in his sleep and fear that a wake-up is imminent, so I will sign off for now. My poor, poor boy is back on the nebulizer treatments due to cold-induced asthma. Thank god he is so much better about the treatments now. Old routine: One of us holds him down while the other one dances around doing the hokey-pokey trying to entertain and distract him. New routine: Jordan sits on the couch, holds his own medication up to his face, and watches TV while doing his treatment independently. Wow! What a difference that change has made in all of our lives!

Things I am thankful for today:
1) Veteran's Day holiday. Thank you to vets everywhere.
2) Day 2 of rocking the eating plan, drinking water, walking and saying eff you to sugar!
3) An awesome babysitter who loves our kids, and is affordable, trustworthy, and 100% competent.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Chris, you have my sympathy with the nebulizer. Sophia is on it all the time, even when we are at Disneyland! I know how scary it can be! I send you blessing of healing for all of you.....The kids look so happy and so beautiful! Love, Stefan