Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big kids hit the playground

The local community family center is near our house and they recently relocated to a new fancy schmancy location. This new building also has an amazing playground that is open and available to the public on the weekends. One of the best things about this playground is that it is fenced in. This makes it very easy for a mother of twins to take her kids to the playground on her own and not worry about kids running out in the parking lot or running away unnoticed. They also leave all the bikes and trikes out over the weekend for the kids to ride. The first time we went there and saw all the bikes left out, including about 10 Kettler trikes, I had a very "you know you're in Vermont when..." type of moment. I could not believe that such great (and expensive) bikes were left out 24/7 and no one ever stole them! California mentality much? I mean, we leave our doors unlocked during the day when we are not home, so maybe I should not be that surprised. But, our house also has the very tough and menacing BEAR at the ready to attack if intruders were to invade...unless said intruders knew Bear's name and brought her some treats! And then? I got nothing!

Anyway, the park is amazing and I love taking the kids there. We are often the only ones there, so J&T have the run of the place. Jordan shocked me a few times ago by getting on one of the Kettler bikes and just riding off. No practice necessary! This kid is seriously gifted in the physical skills department. He got the pedals and how to ride the bike automatically, with no instruction! I was amazed, I was shocked, I was saddened. How did my baby become such a big boy?

And speaking of big kids, Taylor went over to the climbing wall and climbed right up! This is amazing, especially for her, as she tends to be the more clumsy of the two. She often does things first (talk, walk), but Jordan usually excels at those things before Taylor does. But, she climbed right up that climbing wall, without even falling or faltering once!

I can't believe that my babies will be 2.5 years old in a few days. Seriously, how did that happen? One of the bad things about having twins is that, yes, we have two kids (and we are eternally gratefulf for this!), but we only got to experience everything once. I guess that kind of goes both ways. When other people have their second kids, I love the idea of having twins, as we only had to do he serious sleep deprivation thing one time. But, when other people have new tiny babies, I am so jealous! I feel like I want to experience that again, but we never will! :( The other day I told Penny that I kind of had baby fever. You know what she told me? Take some Tylenol and get rid of that fever! So cold, right?) I mean, we totally can't afford another child, financially, physically, or emotionally. We are tapped out with our two darlings. But when I see pregnant women or women with their tiny babies in their fancy carriers and wraps, I get twinges of jealousy. I wish that I was able to have the experience of a singleton, to know what it is like for 2 parents to manage one baby. I wonder how different that experience would be for us, versus the twin experience that we had. But I can wonder until the cows come home, cuz it ain't never gonna happen. And I will never accidentally get knocked up...unless, hmmm, a vial of donor sperm happens to fall from the sky exactly when I am ovulating and exactly when I am laying on my back in the middle of the street....naked, with my legs in the air. Not a pretty picture, but, hey, it could happen. As they say in the NY Lotto: Hey, ya never know! All ya need is a dollar and a dream!

Three things I am thankful for today:
1)Being lucky enough to have gotten pregnant at all
2) Having a wife that supports me in going to CT for an amazing scrapbooking retreat with one of my best friends from two days!
3)Having two of the cutest kids alive

Is there anything that you are dying to know? Please post any burning questions in the comments section and I would be happy to address almost anything.

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twomomsarebetterthanone said...

Well, you know, we have three vials left of our donor...and God will, everything continues to go well with this pregnancy, we have NO plans to use any of them and will be discontinuing storage once this baby is born...