Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

Potty training is happening slow and steady in our house. You might be able to imagine the fun of potty training...now multiply that by two and imagine all the fun we are having at our house right now! The kids are very into their big kid "unnawears," AKA Pull-Ups. Some days they use the potty enough to keep their unnawears on all day. Other days they pee in the Pull-Up right away. Since their ability to stay consistently dry is unpredictable, and Pull-Ups are even more expensive than diapers, we start the day with each kid in a Pull-Up. They can keep it on for as long as they stay dry. Once they pee in the Pull-Up, we put diapers on them, unless we are feeling lazy. While they are more expensive, Pull-Ups are great because the kids can pull them up themselves and we can stop having to lay them down on the changing table to put on diapers. While Penny can manage to diaper the kids while they are standing up, I never quite mastered that skill.

Potty training has brought on a lot of funny moments, as the kids explore their own bodies and want to know what is going on with our bodies and their sibling's body. They are fascinated with who has a pe*nis and who has a "gina." I know, I know. The correct term is vu*lva, but we went with the former and never looked back.

Jordan always wants his privacy and does not want Taylor in the bathroom when he pees. However, when you try to prevent him from being int he bathroom when Taylor is in there, LOOK OUT! Prepare yourself for a mega-tantrum! Jordan is infamous for his tantrums. He loves to throw himself down on the floor and wail away like someone is pulling out his toenails. When we aren't tearing our hair out as a result of this behavior, it can be pretty entertaining, in a "why did we have kids again?" kind of way.

Taylor loves to be naked and dance around the house. She does this little naked dance, where she shakes her booty and pumps her arms, while running around, saying, "Naked, naked!" She is such a little imp and definitely gives us a run for our money in a much different way than her brother.

A blog I read has a "30 days of Thanks" thing going on, to go along with NaBloPoMo. Seems like a cool idea, so I am gonna do it, too, but I have a few days to catch up on.

1) Friends who live in a great Trick or Treat neighborhood.
2) A heaping bowl of Halloween candy
3) A loving Mimi who sends warm Halloween costumes that are perfect for Trick or Treating in VT

1) Two days out of the office at an interesting conference, which was paid for me by my agency
2) Free breakfast, lunch, and snacks at said conference
3) Safe, reliable, and affordable daycare where I know T&J are well cared for and loved

And today...
1) A new pellet stove that keeps us warm at night
2) Only getting 3 voice mails at work while I was out of the office for 2 days
3) Yummy chicken and pasta for dinner, made for me by my lovely wife. (Oh yeah, did I mention we got legally married? Well, we did...on the 5 year anniversary of our Civil Union (9/11). Photos of our "quickie" wedding to come sometime this month. Hey, I can't post everything all at once! I gotta find 30 things to post about. (Well, just 27 more, actually!) And if I gave you all the good stuff all at once, would you keep coming back?)

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