Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 days in...

And I nearly blew it today! I was upstairs getting ready for bed and all of a sudden it hit me. It is 11:22 pm and I have not made a blog post today. Holy crap, I almost messed it up just five days into the 30 day deal-io! Whew. I am safe now because here I am...writing a post. The NaBloPoMo police will not come to arrest me. But it could have been worse. I could have actually been in bed when the thought occurred to me that I needed to write this. Being all warm and cozy and then having to leave bed would have been much, much worse!

Tomorrow I am off to CT for a lovely weekend of scrapboooking with one of my nearest and dearest friends in the whole world. We are so excited to have the whole weekend for nothing but crafting, eating, drinking, and shootin' the shit. Did I mention drinking? It is going to be glorious. I am thrilled that Penny's sister will be staying at our house for the weekend to help her, so that Penny does not have to fly solo for 48 hours. Thanks, Cindy! The kids are so excited that their "Cinny" is coming to visit them tomorrow! Oh how they love their "Cinny!"

Whenever one of us goes away for the weekend or for any period of time, I get so nervous that something bad will happen. Penny and I always have a conversation about being careful when driving, etc, etc because there is this terror of something awful happening that would leave one of us to raise the twins alone. How morbid, right? But I can't shake it. And I think it stems from our cross-country move when the kids were 3 months old. I flew to MA with J&T and my friend, Lisa. Penny drove with the pets and her brother. And I remember when she left us to start the drive, the day before we were flying out. I totally had a panic attack (which was not all that uncommon in the early days of newborn twins and sleep deprivation). And I was crying and saying to her, "You better be careful because I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!" I was terrified that somehing would happen to her and I would be left to raise infant twins on my own. But she made it, and everything was fine...well, except for the sleep deprivation. That seems to never really end. Ok, it has gotten much better, but there are still occasional nighttime wakings and boy do I hate 'em!

While I relish my time away with friends, coming home is also great. Seeing Penny and the kids when I get home is great. Seeing the kids excitement when they see me walk in the door is amazing. And even getting back to the routine after being away is something that I look forward to in a way, knowing that we are all back under one roof, together and safe.

3 Things I am thankful for today:
1) The feel of a new haircut
2) Crafts that I enjoy and that keep me feeling like myself
3) Chocolate fondue that I heard through the grapevine is being served this weekend

Hopefully when I come home on Sunday, I do not come home to this:

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. The first snowfall of the 2009/2010 winter season was in mid-October. Zoinks! Are we in for it this year or what?

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Anonymous said...

your children are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! i love seeing these new photos of them!
southwesterngemini aka barbara