Friday, August 28, 2009

Am I living the dream?

Last night I went to see Julie and Julia with my friend, Elissa. She is another twin mom who I met here in VT. Her twin boys are a week younger than Jordan and Taylor. We are a lot alike and we really enjoy spending time together. We were thrilled to have a night out together last night! We loved the movie, but we came away wondering how we could find our own special projects with which to become famous. Ok, maybe not famous, but maybe a bit more fabulous!

Do you ever do that? I love going to the movies, but I often come away feeling crappy about my life. Ok, maybe not crappy, but less than, or like something is lacking, and like I want more. And then sometimes I am inspired to do things, like lose weight, blog more, do more stand-up comedy, be more crafty and fabulous, etc, etc, etc.

Today there was a newsletter from Smith in my email box. (By the way, Julia Child went to Smith and there was not one damn reference to my alma mater in the whole movie. I am sure I am not the only Smithie who was pissed about this!) In the email, I noticed a tagline for the college. I am not sure if this is a new tagline or not. The tagline is: Smith College educates women of promise for lives of distinction.

I like it! It made me smile. Ok, so at one time, Smith College considered me a woman of promise. Shit, since I went there for my BA and again for my MSW, they actually thought that about me twice (Can you visualize me patting myself on the back and congratulating myself?) But, the question is, as I sit here in my office with no windows (did I just admit to blogging at work? That's allowed on your lunch break, right? Right??), am I living a life of distinction?

Is this enough? And if it's not, am I willing to do what it takes to get what I want? Do you ever think like this?

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's summer time and we are feelin' fine.

I have to start with our newest milestone. Jordan pooped on the potty last night! Not a lot (sorry for that gross little tidbit of information), and not on purpose, but he did it! We are in the midst of starting potty training. We offer the kids the opportunity to sit on the potty, and they usually refuse. And we are ok with that. We don't want potty training to be stressful or forced, so we are laying low. Jordan asks to go on the potty more than Taylor, but I think that is more about getting into the bathroom and then asking to wash his hands and brush his teeth, than about really wanting to use the potty. But, he pees on the potty a few times per week, including at daycare, which is great. Taylor usually refuses, or she sits, but does nothing. I think we have a long road ahead of us on this one, but if they are potty trained (or at least a lot closer than they are now) by the time they are three, I will be ok with that. If we are in the same place we are now in about 9 months, I will not be thrilled.

Summer is flying by, but it feels more like winter in Berkeley with all the rain we have had. Not thrilled about that. But, we have made the most of it and have still had some fun adventures. We went to Bristol, RI for 4th of July with my mom, to reinvent the yearly familiy tradition. It was lots of fun and we hope to do it again next year. The kids did really well and even sat and watched the 3+ hour parade with us. Mimi bought them balloons and toys, they had lots of yummy treats to eat, so they were happy!

We also went to visit friends on the Cape for a few days, which was great. Very relaxing. I recently came across the term "chillaxin," which was just what we did when in Cape Cod. We chillaxed with our friends, drank wine, went in the hot tub, went to the beach and spent a day in P-town. Awesome!

We made it to Pride in VT this year. A bit lackluster compared to SF, but it was quaint and we were glad we made it. Lisa and Robin came up from Boston for the weekend to attend Pride with us. We were all proud together!

In a few weeks we are heading to Florida for a week at Disneyworld with Bill and his family. We are so excited to have a week with my brother's family and for the kids to be together. We are all staying at Saratoga Springs in their new treehouses that sleep 9. They are gorgeous!

Will end for now. Have lots of pics to post as usual. Never seem to get around to them. But, with our brand new Dell laptop that we orderded (and that has already been shipped! SQUEE!!), I hope that all things computer and internet related will not only be easier but lots faster. It is time to retire the dinosaur that we bought for Penny to start grad school sometime around 2002.