Monday, July 16, 2007

More photo ops with the twins...

Here's Taylor in the kids' new Bumbo seats. While they are great and really help the kids learn to sit up and to develop neck strength, they are so funny looking! The kids look so cute sitting up when they are still so small!
Taylor is ready for her close up!
Jordan was looking especially handsome in this little shirt, paired with his first pair of jeans. Look at that face! He seems to be wondering whether he should trust us or not.
Here's Jordan laughing. Oh, could you just eat that little face up, or what? He is such a doll!
Lookin' good with Mama Penny!
Here's Chris...Ah, the life of a mom with twins. We call this pose: "The Baby Wrangler."
Here are some pics from the kids' first trip to the zoo. Penny is wearing Jordan in the Moby Wrap, as he was Captain Crankypants in the stroller. Jean, Aimee, and Garrett accompanied us to the zoo. All the kids are really still too small to look at the animals, but it sure was a good social outing for all the mommies! Three kids, four moms...Oh my!
The zoo wore Taylor out. She was ready for a snooze at the end of the day. As opposed to Jordan...see below...
Jordan was not as tired out as he was STARVING. This kid can eat...and eat...and eat. Not at all like his moms! Thanks for helping out with the feeding, Auntie Jean!
Hope you all enjoyed the new pics. Can you believe how big the kids are getting already? Our babies are growing up!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting over the hump

Greetings from the land of diapers and formula. Things are going well here and we are enjoying the babies more every day. As they are getting older (they are 9 weeks old now!), they are making some things easier for their mamas. Taylor can now suck down a 4 ounce bottle in about 10-15 minutes. This is especially great in the middle of the night! The past two nights have been stellar sleeping nights for Jordan. On Friday night, he slept for six hours in a row! And then last night, he slept for SEVEN glorious hours in a row! This was amazing news for me (Chris), as I was on Jordan duty the past two nights.

During the week, since Penny has to go to work, I take first shift. Penny then gets a longer stretch of sleep early in the night. So, I get up and feed whichever baby stirs first, and stick with that baby for the night. 1st call is usually Taylor, so I usually have her on nights during the week. On the weekend, Penny takes 1st call, so I can sleep a bit. This weekend was a bit more than a bit, as Jordan was a star sleeper. Penny is jealous and I am so happy! But, Penny got to nap this morning, while I tended kids, washed bottles and dishes, and made chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast. Before you get all was from a box, and I just added bananas and the usual boxed baking ingredients...eggs, water, and oil. Yummy hot breakfastf for us!

My mom is coming back on Wednesday for another two week visit. This means more sleep for us, yummy home-cooked meals, and good advice from a mom who has been there, done that, and seen it all. I can't wait till she gets here! And the babies can't wait for the extra holding and long walks!

That's about it for now. I will try to get some new pictures up soon. We have some cute ones that I know you all will enjoy. Thanks for reading! And thanks, of course, for the continued support and loving comments that you all leave! We love reading the comments.