Sunday, June 24, 2007

The people demand more photos!

OK, you asked for 'em, so here they are...more recent photos of the kids. Here's Mama Chris and Taylor after Taylor's bath. So cute!
Here's Mama Penny and Jordan after J's bath. They love their baths, but hate being cold after the bath, so it is always a race to get them dried off and into new diapers and a blanket for warming and cuddle time.
Here are our Yin and Yang babies taking a nap. Aaahhh...sweet, sweet silence!

Jordan and Taylor are loving their new activity mat that we borrowed from the Twins By the Bay Club that we belong to. They have a great equipment loaner program so you can try things out, or for things that you will not need for very long. We wondered if the kids would like this mat yet, and they do. So much to look at...when they are not busy punching each other in the face or kicking each other. Notice Bear keeping watch and protecting the babies from all that is evil!
Each night after the kids have their bath, we give them little massages to help them calm down and get ready for bed. Here's Mama Penny and Auntie Kelly giving massages one day last week. Thanks for the baby wrangling help, Kell. Some nights we honestly could not manage without you!
After the massages, we swaddled the babies and put them on our bed to further settle down before going into the bassinets. When they were put down, they were at least two feet apart. When we went in the bedroom a bit later, the above picture is what we found. They had scooted themsevles together so that they were touching. It was so cute that I practically cried. Sometimes their twin stuff is just truly amazing!
Here are the kids in their car seats after an outing at the park. They were still sleeping, so we let them continue to nap in their seats. You know what they say...Silence is golden, and never is that more true than at our house these days! We made our first appearance at the San Francisco Dyke March as a family yesterday. Above is Taylor showing off her Pride bib. Love makes a family, indeed! We were somewhat of an attraction at the march. People had lots of questions and even took our pictures alot. The kids slept most of the evening, as the noise of the crowd and the outside air really seemed to agree with them.
Mama Penny shows off Jordan's Pride attire. Truth be told, no one is more proud than the two new moms. At last year's Dyke March, we were wondering if I would ever get pregnant, as we oohed and ahhed over the other gay moms and their kids at the march. And here we are with our little ones at the march this year. What a difference a year makes!

Sarah and Sarah came to the Dyke March with us. They helped out a ton with the kids. Thanks for the holding, feeding, and changing, gals! Our kids love their Auntie Sarahs so much already! We can't wait for you guys to be moms, too. Hurry up and decide to start trying to get pregnant already! :P

I will leave you with a picture of the happy family. Look at those smiles. Could we BE any prouder (a la Chandler Bing from Friends)? I honestly don't think so! Happy Pride everyone!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Well, the babies are now a month old. Can you believe that? And, after two weeks of "Mimi" (Chris' mom) visiting, we are now flying solo! So far, it is going well, but we are sure missing all the help! Mimi was fantastic at helping with cooking, cleaning, and baby wrangling. She held our babies constantly and they loved her for it! Thank you so much, mom, for everything, ESPECIALLY taking the babies out into the living room every morning by 6 am for their feeding, so that Penny and I could sleep until 8 or 9 am. What an unbelievable luxury! That's Mimi's hand above (with the fancy manicure!), displaying a tiny hand. So cute and already getting so much bigger everyday!

Look at Jordan! What a big boy that he is already figuring out thumb sucking! He is our fussy and gassy boy. But, when he sleeps or is quiet and alert, he is just a little angel and we could gaze upon him all day long! Oooh, don't you just want to eat him up?

We are lucky enough to have Auntie Sylvia and Auntie Kelly right next door to us. They come over loads for their "baby fix" and they help us out a lot with holding and feeding. Last night, Kelly even helped with baths and baby massage! Thanks, Kell! Check out Jordan above with Sylvia's hat on. So funny! We could not let the moment pass without snapping a pic!
I know what you're thinking...Is that a day care center? Nope, it's just out living room! Here's Auntie Kelly saying an up close and personal hello to one of the babies. I think it is Taylor. This post has lots of pics of Jordan. I gotta get some new good ones of Taylor up here soon, too!

Here is a picture that I present for your amusement. Mimi liked to put these foot and wrist rattles on the babies. While they were way too big and kept falling off, they certainly provided some entertainment for us. Not sure whether the babies even noticed them!

That's about it from here for now. We have to upload some more recent pictures from the digital camera. At the babies' doctor's appointment two weeks ago, Jordan was up to 9 lbs 1 ounce, and Taylor was 6 lbs, 14 ounces. They are both getting so much bigger already! They are awake more and definitely more alert. They love to look at themselves in the mirror. And they are getting stronger and trying to hold their heads up for longer and longer periods of time. They also seem to recognize our voices and they love to look into our faces. Before ya know it, they will be smiling, and not just from the gas!

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