Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap

So, this was the first year that we truly dressed Jordan and Taylor up for Halloween. Their first Halloween (at age 5 months old), they wore orange and black fuzzy sleepers. At that time they went to daycare 2 days per week, so they wore their Halloween "outfits" to daycare. Their second Halloween, at age 1.5, they wore some very lame costumes to daycare. Jordan was a "farmer," with overalls and a flannel shirt. And Taylor wore her Piglet sweat suit. Hey, at least the hood had ears! I don't even think we have a picture from that year. Trick or treating before this year seemed silly, as even last year the kids could not really walk from house to house and we were not too into them eating candy. This year, though, they are almost 2 and a half and we said let's go for it. I struggled with wanting to be the cool mom that makes costumes for kids, but then also facing the reality of being constantly short on time (due in some part to a Facebook and Bejeweled Blitz addiction). So, we went with the store bought costumes, but I have definite aspirations of making costumes in the future. We bought a witch costume for Taylor and a vamprire for Jordan. And then my mom sent us matching fleece pumpkin suits, which were super cute and also warm. They were much more comfy for the kids, so they wore the pumpkin costumes to daycare on Friday, and again for trick or treating on Saturday. They wore the witch and the vampire costumes to the Green Mountain Multiples Halloween Party that we went to, as well. While I love the cute pics of the kids posing a whole lot, I also love the above pic of Jordan tantrumming on the floor in his pumpkin suit. Priceless!

Trick or treating was fun, but now we have a ton of candy, and that poses its own dilemmas. 1)I don't want the kids eating all that, and some stuff is probably too hard and/or dangerous for them to eat. Charleston chews and toddlers don't seem like a great match. 2) I don't really want to eat all the candy myself. And when it comes to a huge bowl of candy on the counter, well, let's face it, self control goes out the window. I am thinking of having Penny take it to work where she can either pass it out to staff or clients, or she can eat it all herself. She has more self control than I do, and a smaller ass.

Over the next 30 days, I am hoping to write posts on my new love of couponing and all the deals I have been scoring, a journey I am shortly beginning to hopefully get said lack of self control with food under much better control, parenting joys and challenges, and my new venture as a Creative Memories Consultant.

Stay tuned....if not for my witty posts, than at least to see if I can actually write 30 posts in 30 days!


alim said...

Yay! Thanks for the pictures of the first real trick or treating. I loved seeing them.

Good luck with the blogging. You'll do great! xoxo- Ali

amber said...

love those costumes! and check this out:
for a supercute outfit for at least one of them in the future. and a good story about home crafting gone awry. :)
kate and i miss you all!