Friday, November 6, 2009

And I'm a few hours

I am heading to CT in a few hours. Yay! I just have to pack my scrapbooking stuff. This is a bigger task than you might imagine, and I wish I had not left it until the last moment. I have to basically pick which pictures and stuff I want to work on while I am there. And hope that when I get there, I have what a I want and need, in order to scrap the photos that I brought. Who knew crafting could be stressful, right?

Kids are at daycare and Penny is at work. The house is quiet and I almost wish I was staying here to enjoy the quiet. But, I got my book on tape (CD, really, but book on CD sounds silly!) and I need to print directions and get on my way.

This is a lame blog post, but I did not want to leave it until tonight and have to do it at the hotel. I know there is a computer I can use there, and I will have to use it tomorrow night for blogging, but I thought I would get this post out of the way before I left. And then I will post on Sunday after I get home. I have never had to plan for blogging before. I just ignored the blog for months on end and all was good! Ha Ha!

I will disclose in this post that next week there are some big things happening here. I am embarking on a new and very serious journey toward getting my weight and my eating under control. I am terrified of making this disclosure online, but am forging forward. What does not kill us makes us stronger, right? A local friend and I are doing this together and it involves meetings, journalling, the South Beach diet, and being accountable to each other. We are considering getting together regularly to exercise, make menu plans, have "weigh-ins," and maybe even cook or grocery shop together. I will likely use the blog to process how things are going and try to be honest both about the successes and the struggles or failures. I need to embark on this journey for my health, my family, and my life. Enough is enough.

On that note, I will sign off. Given that the new way of life starts on Monday, I am looking forward to a weekend of indulgences with friends in CT. No doubt there will be plenty of wine, carbs, and sugar. Ye-ha!

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