Friday, November 30, 2007

A New Milestone!

Jordan slept the entire night in his crib last night! No time in the swing. No time in bed with one or both mamas. Our big boy slept the entire night in his crib all by himself. Granted, he was on his stomach for some of the night and I worried about suffocation. And granted, we had to go in a few more times than a few times to put his pacifier back in his mouth. But, still! A whole night in the crib! Yay for Jordan.

Taylor, on the other hand, made up for it by being more fussy than usual and ending up spending a few hours in the swing. I tell ya. If it's not one thing, it's another!! :)

Focusing on the positive over here! And, a big thanks to Nikki in NH for a wonderful reassuring conversation last night, where she assured me that we aer doing great and that things will smooth out as time goes by. Thanks for the support, Nik!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Can Not Believe How Big They Are

I (Penny) have not added to this blog in ages, so I thought I would put my two cents in. Every day I am looking for jobs (boo hoo) and on non-day care days I spend the day as a stay at home mom. For the most part I love being with the kids all day, but... I am not bringing in money and I feel bad about that. I have had a few interviews but I have been told that I am over qualified for most things. So what if I applied for the job. I must want it, or I would not have applied. Okay enough of a pity party for Penny.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Growing Pains

Thanksgiving at our house was good and everyone had a nice time. We will put some pics up soon. But, that's not what I want to write about today.

We are tired. I was so looking forward to a 4-day weekend, especially after working in a hospital for the past 5 years where I did not have the day after Thanksgiving off. But, this past weekend, was a LONG one and I found myself looking forward to going back to work. And then feeling guilty about that. I love the babies, obviously, but I am so exhausted and it is so hard to have very little time for myself. Penny and I talked it over and she is feeling the same way. However, I "get" to get away to work, so we are feeling it in a different way. Not more or less, just different, and I will let her make a post about how she is feeling if she wants to.

It is fall and we have a craft room. And I want to be crafty. But, there is no time for craftiness and I am feeling crappy about that. I was so psyched to move into this big house and have space for laying out scrapbook pages to work on and maybe even learning some new crafty things. But it's not happening! When we are home with the babies, it is a neverending cycle of feeding, playing, changing, trying to get them to sleep, repeat, repeat, repeat. I know, I know. What did I expect? We have twins and they are busy little 6 month olds. But even when there are a few moments, I find that I am hesitant to start anything because there is never a significant enough chunk of time to start anything. And so I am watching too much TV or spending too much time on the internet and I am hating it. Well, hating it might be too strong. I strongly regret the time I lose to TV and the internet.

Penny and I are trying to do Weight*Watchers and we have done relatively well so far by making better food choices. We have both lost about 11 pounds. Yay us! But, we are not exercising and that sucks, too. I want to, but again, I cannot find the time. I cannot fathom getting up one second earlier than I have to, as I already feel so sleep deprived. And then when the kids go to bed for the night, we are so tired, that we usually make and eat dinner, and then veg out in front of the TV. I want to use this time efficiently, but I just feel too worn out to use that time to exercise, scrapbook, or anything else.

Does anyone out there have any thoughts, encouragement, or words of wisdom? We started this blog as a way to keep people informed and in the loop about the babies and our move, but I have felt rather "Pollyanna" lately with mostly all hearts and rainbow posts, when, in reality, I am struggling with some things. Do other bloggers struggle with how much to complain and how much to sugar-coat things for people who are reading?

And speaking of struggling, remember when I mentioned Jordan's coughing and wheezing the other day? Well, we took him to the doc's office and they said he has cold induced asthma! *SIGH* So, they sent us home with a nebulizer and meds and now we have to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours when he is awake. As you can imagine, our 6 month old boy does not like sitting still for ten minutes with a mask held over his face, blowing mist his way. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Posts galore

So, I did not sign up for that NOBLOPOMO or whatever the heck it is called, where you are supposed to blog everyday in November, but I am quite proud of myself for blogging as much as I have recently. There have been more posts this month than any other month since the blog began. Yeah!

I recently signed up with Blog*lines, as I had heard such cool things about it. Basically what it does is keep track of all the blogs you read for new posts. You log into your page and it highlights in bold which of the beloved blogs that you read have new posts. This means that I don't have to slog through my blogroll (slog through the blogs..hee-hee!!) everyday, clicking on every link to see who might have a new post up. In theory, this is super and saves lots of time. In practice, it means that I log into Blog*lines about a million times a day, like some blog-reading-crazed fool, to see if there are any new posts. Easier? Yes. Less time consuming? Yes. Less addictive? Not so much!

Snowing here again today. Second snow of the season. It will be a white Christmas for sure, if this keeps up. It will definitely be a white Thanksgiving. We are hosting at our house, with lots of Penny's family. It is a potluck, thank goodness. We are cooking the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. And Penny's sister and brother-in-law (Cindy and Brian) are coming over Wednesday night to help with cooking and the babies. But not cooking the babies.

Jordan is sick and has a crazy cough. So, back to the pediatrician for him today. He has been sounding kinda wheezy, and that's never good.

If you wanna support some women who are having a tough time with a pregnancy that might not make it, go give some hugs over at Cha Cherry Cola. They are going through a shitty time right now.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Back home, safe and sound

We had a lovely weekend away, with lots of fun and visiting. It is still kind of fall-like in MA, so it was a far cry from the winter wonderland that we left back home. We got 4 inches of snow last week on Friday, if you can believe that. Hello winter, my old friend. When one of the local radio stations started playing 24-7 Xmas music, it felt way too early for that. But then the snow came and now it feels just right. It is really Thanksgiving (ALREADY?) this week?

So, we had a nice visit walking around my alma mater with Jean, and her friends Jeanna and Jess from Boston and their 1 y.o son, Oscar. He is so cute!

Our hotel was nice and I was psyched to have spent so little on it, since I booked it through Hot*wire. We took the kids swimming in the pool for the first time and they loved it...until they were cold and their lips turned blue. Pics to be posted on the blog soon. This hotel was not a super fancy one, but it was one of the ones that is now providing higher end beds, bed linens, and pillows. I love this trend! The mattresses were super comfy, the duvet was a down alternative comforter that was a perfect weight, and the pillows were lofty and yet also a perfect squishiness. There were two types of pillows (and a little sign told us so): down and down alternative. Thank you very much, Hot*wire deal of a hotel. I am rarely let down with bookings through Hot*wire.

Jude and Jen from "judecorp" called us on Saturday night and asked if I was serious about an email I sent out before we left home, inviting people to come swimming with us. But, of course. Their little punk (and I only use that endearing term because they do!), Gus was having a fussy day and they thought maybe the pool would help. So, they came over and we all went swimming. So much fun and it was great to meet the three of them in person! We were the only ones in the pool, which was cool. After said swimming, Gus and our two promptly fell asleep (after proper warming, of course) and we all contemplated ordering in sushi. By the time we got ourselves together enough to order, Gus was waking up, so Jude and Jen decided to head home rather than tempt fate too much. Penny and I had sushi in the room, and it was yummy. Oh Berkeley, with your 10,0000000 sushi restaurants how we miss you so. The sleeping kids proved to be short lived, with our two, mostly Jordan, having a not so great night's sleep. We made it through though. Jude and Jen, however, reported on Sunday that Gus had a great night's sleep after swimming. Glad we could help!

Sunday brought a lovely brunch with the "judecorp" gals, E & A from "two moms," and my cousin Jess, her husband Steve, and their daughter Anna. We had such a fun time and I was sad when it was over that we did not live closer so that we could all get together on a more regular basis. E & A were lovely and we are excited to have them as new members of a weird extended family, made through donor sperm! It was neat to see them interacting with our kids, holding them and cooing at them, knowing that E is carrying the 1/2 sib of our duo. WOW! We can't wait to meet the wee "moon," expected in January. And, it was great to see my cousin, Jess, again, after not seeing each other for so many years. Great, too, to meet Steve and Anna. Now that we are a mere 2.5 hours away, we should stay in better touch.

Before heading home, we stopped at Tar*get. In CA, this was not such an exciting outing. But now, we live in a state where there are NO TAR*GETS, if you can freakin' believe that! We also wanted to hit Trader*Joes, but time did not permit it. Oh well. Better luck next visit.

On the drive home, Jordan slept for 2 of the 2.5 hours and Taylor slept for 2 hrs 15 minutes. We were so blessed. But the last 15 minutes was pure hell with much screaming, which I believe could be translated to, "We're starving over here and our giant thighs and rolls on our knees are dwindling so much, that if we don't get some bottles right now, we might just cease to exist!"

Friday, November 16, 2007


One thing no one told me about blogging is that you start composing posts in your head when you are not at a computer. I always think of the most witty things to write when I am driving, in a meeting, or someplace where I cannot compose said brilliance right away. Bummer!

Some things that made me title this entry, "Already?"

It snowed today. ALREADY?

The kids are 6 months old and that means we are kinda 1/2 way through the baby experience. In a way this is good, as there are exciting times to come, but really? 50% done with my baby snuggles ALREADY? WAH!

At the last appointment with the pediatrician, Taylor weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz and Jordan weighed 17 lbs, 4 oz. Jordan has an ear infection and he is now on his first course of antibiotics. ALREADY?

Now, in non-already news, we are headed to the great town of my alma mater tomorrow to see Jean who is in from CA to visit some friends and to see us for the day. We are so excited, but are very sad, sad, sad that Aimee and Garett stayed back in CA. God how we miss our CA pals.

On Sunday, for the first time ever, we are meeting some internet friends, in an attempt to make them real-life friends! I don't know how to be all fancy and make that underlined text that links to blogs (hell, I just figured out how to make the blogroll to the right!), but we are meeting with the lovely ladies from "Judecorp" and their little punk, Gus. And, we are meeting E&A from "Two moms are better than one." E is pregnant with the same donor that we used, making E&A the impending moms of the half-sibs of our kids. Holy crap, that's crazy talk! We are also meeting up with my cousin Jess and her baby Anna. (Under the heading of "what a small world," Jude of Judecorp is friends with Jess, so they are coming to brunch with us, too. And, E&A are also friends with Jude and her partner. Whoa! Go ahead, say it. What a small world!) We are very excited about this baby-blogga-bruncha-palooza!!

Have a great weekend. Look for pics of the kids in the hotel pool after the weekend is over and we are back home safe and sound. And, for those of you who posted in the "Pay it Forward" post, watch your mailboxes. Goodies are on their way!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy 6 month birthday, Taylor and Jordan!

Taylor and Jordan are six months old today! I wanted to make sure that I got a post in before the end of the day, so here it is. More pics than news, but it's late and I'm tired. So it will have to do.

T and J have been enjoying lots of tummy time recently and it has been great to see them interact with one another. They have mastered rolling over from their backs to their tummies, but tummies to backs is another story. The latter direction is much harder, although Jordan can do it more easily then Taylor can at this point.

Here's Taylor and Jordan in their Halloween outfits. Not really costumes per se, but we did get festive for daycare and the kids participated in the costume parade. There were lots of oohhs and aahhs from the spectators!
Another rare picture of all four of us. A ghoulish family picture for Halloween!!
Taylor loves the exersaucer. Look at that smile! With half of the DNA being so unknown, how did we get so lucky? We feel so fortunate!

Jordan is learning to sit up on his own. Lots of trial and error on this one. Funny to watch, until he gets so frustrated that he cries, or he topples over and bangs his head on the floor. Good times...bad mommies!

In closing, I leave you with a photo comparison to see just how far we've come since May 10th. I call it "A photo essay in carseats."

Coming home from the hospital.
(3 days old)

Both sleeping at once. WOW!
(1 month old)

And just look at us now! Six months old and rockin' the cool fleece hats that Mimi sent us from LL Bea.n. You've come a long way, babies!

Taylor and Jordan, thank you for brightening our lives in unbelievable ways. The past six months have been challening and wonderful and tiring and amazing. Thank you for the best six months of our lives! We love you to the moon and back and can't wait to see what the future holds for our new family. Love always, Your Mamas

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The hits just keep on coming!

The kids go to daycare two days per week so that Penny has time to look for jobs and go on interviews. We found a daycare center that we liked and have been generally happy with it thus far. However, nothing is perfect and there are snags along the way. For instance, our daycare center seems to be crazy temperature takers. Our kids have been going there since September, and they have been sent home for temps and/or called us to ok Tylenol on about 5 occasions. This seems extreme to me. When we have taken them home, we have found that they either have no temp, or a much lower temp than reported by daycare. Now, of course, I do not want my sick kids to stay at daycare and I do not want anyone else's sick kids to be ay daycare. But, it kinda burns me up (pun intended) when we have paid for them to be there and they are sent home and seem not to actually be sick. Is it possible that their thermometer is wonky? They use an under the arm thermometer, so that should be more accurate. One day, the kids were sent home because we were told they both had temps and appeared to have chicken pox. There have been three cases of chicken pox in the infant room since the kids started going there. So, we picked the kids up, called the doctor's office, and went to an appointment that afternoon, a mere one hour later. We did not give them Tylenol before the appt. At the appt, one hour after being sent home from daycare, both kids were found to have no temps and aboslutely no signs of chicken pox. Sigh. What to do in this situation? We talked to the daycare about this, sent the kids back to daycare two days later when they were next scheduled (along with the doctor's note), and hoped for the best. That was yesterday. Jordan was sent home half way through the day with a fever, which was actually confirmed at home with our thermometer, although the temp we got was much lower.

I know that kids get sick and have colds and get fevers and all turns out ok. What I don't know about is how you are a working parent when kids are constantly getting sent home from daycare. It is ok for now, since Penny is not working yet. And we got a 2nd car (a Minivan. Yup, a mom-mobile!), so that works out ok. But once we are both working, I don't know how we are gonna swing this frequent need to be picked up from daycare and brought home. Since I have been a working person for longer than I have been a mom, it feels weird to leave work to pick kids up and all. And I feel weird about it, especially since I am at a new job. Do other working moms have an opinion on this?

And the thing is that our kids are not unusually sick. They are happy babies and mostly healthy, but daycare sure is doing a number on them. And them being over sensitive about temperatures is getting to be a hassle! But, the bottom line for now, is that there are no pox so far. And that's a good thing. But we are on the lookout!

And do you know what another bummer is? At work today I was the mom who came to work with spit-up on her shirt who did not even realize it until she had been at work for some time and who's coworkers probably saw said spit up and were totally grossed out and repulsed and said nothing to alert me to the situation. Hello, I am your new employee. Please be impressed by me!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A fun weekend that turned gross...

Hey, check me out! Three posts in two days! Yeah, baby!

It was a nice weekend here in twin land. Penny's friend, Denise, stayed over on Friday night because she had a meeting near us on Saturday morning. It was so nice to have a friend here to have dinner with and to chat with . We are seriously lacking in the friend department here and it's a bit tough for me sometimes.

On Saturday we went into town to try to hit the Farmer's Market, but found that it is already shut down for the winter. Boo Hiss!! We were disappointed, but we decided to kick around the downtown area for a while instead. We got to check out lots of the little shops that I had seen, but had not yet gone into. While this was great, I still feel like I want to check them out again sometime, sans double stroller, as it is a bit tough to really browse/shop thoroughly when you have the gargantuan stroller with you, not to mention two babies who might start crying at any time. But, it was nice to check the shops out anyway. We braved the cold weather and did just fine. The kids wore the super cute fleece hats with tassles (and velcro under the chins) that my mom bought them. Forgot to take a pic, but we will soon and will post it. We even ate lunch out successfully, without making too much of a crying scene in the restaurant. Yeah!

Saturday night I experienced the grossest part of parenting thus far. We fed the kids their cereal and baby food. They tried rice cereal for the 1st time, after previously only having oatmeal, and we mixed in pureed pears. They loved it. Then, Jordan had the rest of the squash that was left over from yesterday. This kid can eat! A bit later, both kids both had their bottles and then we started to get them ready for bed. I have heard that babies will not overeat, but that instead, they will stop eating when they are full. Sure they will...

Well, I brought Jordan upstairs to change him. As we reach the top of the stairs, he lets out a massive burp that keeps going and going. And then he starts to vomit like nothing I have ever seen come out of him before. And he keeps on vomiting, until both the front and back of my t-shirt is covered in vomit, the floor in the hallway and the nursery floor is covered in vomit, his whole face and front is covered in vomit, and there's even vomit on my ear and in my hair. I call Penny, who comes to the rescue to help with the clean up. I strip down and then turn to clean Jordan up, and he is smiling away like a little devil. The kid is not even bothered by vomit all over his face, and now his hands, as he had been touching his face while I was stripping. We got all cleaned up, using mostly baby wipes, and my previously stuffed little Jordan went off to bed, with what now must have been an empty belly.

The best part is (and I think this really speaks to the exhaustion of a mom of 6 month old twinfants...), I did not even take a shower before bed. Yup, I'm just that gross. So, who wants to be my friend now?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November already?

It's my first day of eating cereal...The moms are obviously clueless. And the bibs are...where? Look what happened to my nice Red Sox shirt!
Yes, we are sitting in the recalled Bumb*o seats. That's because we have negligent moms, obviously. Don't worry everyone...the moms watch us closely and we will no longer be able to use these soon, anyway, because our gigunda thighs and butts stick in the seats and make us cry when it is time to try to get out of them! Good times!
One of my moms got a clue on this second day of eating cereal and finally put a bib on me! And hey, check out my stylin' high chair! Well, you can't see the whole thing, but my aunties Rajni and Jess (and their super husbands) got us this M.ercede.s of all high chairs. Thanks guys. It is comfy and colorful and Jordan and I love it!! And it means that one of us gets spared the recalled seat at dinner time! Yay for safety!
Hey, I'm just chillin' on my letters and numbers mat. Check me out. I think this is Thursday night. Can't miss my Grey*s Anatomy! I just love that Callie! (Just kidding! The kids don't watch TV and even the mommies are usually in bed by the time GA comes on! We tape it though, and watch it whenever we can fit it in. Hard to find a 1 hour slot to watch it, actually.)
Hey Taylor, nice cradle cap. Want me to scratch that for ya?

Pay it Forward

As seen throughout Blogland lately, I have decided to pay it forward. The first five people who leave a comment on this blog entry will receive something fun and lovely from me in the mail. Don't ask what it is, because I have not decided yet!

So...who will it be? Oh, and if you reply, then you also have to do the same thing on your blog, or you have to pay it forward in some other way in your life if you do not have a blog.

This is gonna be fun!