Monday, November 5, 2007

A fun weekend that turned gross...

Hey, check me out! Three posts in two days! Yeah, baby!

It was a nice weekend here in twin land. Penny's friend, Denise, stayed over on Friday night because she had a meeting near us on Saturday morning. It was so nice to have a friend here to have dinner with and to chat with . We are seriously lacking in the friend department here and it's a bit tough for me sometimes.

On Saturday we went into town to try to hit the Farmer's Market, but found that it is already shut down for the winter. Boo Hiss!! We were disappointed, but we decided to kick around the downtown area for a while instead. We got to check out lots of the little shops that I had seen, but had not yet gone into. While this was great, I still feel like I want to check them out again sometime, sans double stroller, as it is a bit tough to really browse/shop thoroughly when you have the gargantuan stroller with you, not to mention two babies who might start crying at any time. But, it was nice to check the shops out anyway. We braved the cold weather and did just fine. The kids wore the super cute fleece hats with tassles (and velcro under the chins) that my mom bought them. Forgot to take a pic, but we will soon and will post it. We even ate lunch out successfully, without making too much of a crying scene in the restaurant. Yeah!

Saturday night I experienced the grossest part of parenting thus far. We fed the kids their cereal and baby food. They tried rice cereal for the 1st time, after previously only having oatmeal, and we mixed in pureed pears. They loved it. Then, Jordan had the rest of the squash that was left over from yesterday. This kid can eat! A bit later, both kids both had their bottles and then we started to get them ready for bed. I have heard that babies will not overeat, but that instead, they will stop eating when they are full. Sure they will...

Well, I brought Jordan upstairs to change him. As we reach the top of the stairs, he lets out a massive burp that keeps going and going. And then he starts to vomit like nothing I have ever seen come out of him before. And he keeps on vomiting, until both the front and back of my t-shirt is covered in vomit, the floor in the hallway and the nursery floor is covered in vomit, his whole face and front is covered in vomit, and there's even vomit on my ear and in my hair. I call Penny, who comes to the rescue to help with the clean up. I strip down and then turn to clean Jordan up, and he is smiling away like a little devil. The kid is not even bothered by vomit all over his face, and now his hands, as he had been touching his face while I was stripping. We got all cleaned up, using mostly baby wipes, and my previously stuffed little Jordan went off to bed, with what now must have been an empty belly.

The best part is (and I think this really speaks to the exhaustion of a mom of 6 month old twinfants...), I did not even take a shower before bed. Yup, I'm just that gross. So, who wants to be my friend now?


Anonymous said...

I am only the occasional lurker. I like to see how you and your partner are doing with your twins. I think that is awesome and I wish you the best of luck with them.

Preemie Twins' Nanny said...

Aww, that's the worst isn't it? It is such an event to eat and then to have it return makes the meal feel lost and you a bit worried that the baby will be starving.

It sounds like none of you were too traumatized though!

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Ain't motherhood grande? Vommit is never fun! I notice you have a list of blog sites. Check this one out, she is hysterical and recently made headlines.

We will be coming for a visit, I'll be in touch soon. Sorry to hear you're feeling bummed out in the 'friendship' department. I'm not good at keeping in touch but know that you are one of my oldest and dearest friends!

love ya!
Nikki (in NH)