Sunday, November 4, 2007

November already?

It's my first day of eating cereal...The moms are obviously clueless. And the bibs are...where? Look what happened to my nice Red Sox shirt!
Yes, we are sitting in the recalled Bumb*o seats. That's because we have negligent moms, obviously. Don't worry everyone...the moms watch us closely and we will no longer be able to use these soon, anyway, because our gigunda thighs and butts stick in the seats and make us cry when it is time to try to get out of them! Good times!
One of my moms got a clue on this second day of eating cereal and finally put a bib on me! And hey, check out my stylin' high chair! Well, you can't see the whole thing, but my aunties Rajni and Jess (and their super husbands) got us this M.ercede.s of all high chairs. Thanks guys. It is comfy and colorful and Jordan and I love it!! And it means that one of us gets spared the recalled seat at dinner time! Yay for safety!
Hey, I'm just chillin' on my letters and numbers mat. Check me out. I think this is Thursday night. Can't miss my Grey*s Anatomy! I just love that Callie! (Just kidding! The kids don't watch TV and even the mommies are usually in bed by the time GA comes on! We tape it though, and watch it whenever we can fit it in. Hard to find a 1 hour slot to watch it, actually.)
Hey Taylor, nice cradle cap. Want me to scratch that for ya?

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