Friday, November 16, 2007


One thing no one told me about blogging is that you start composing posts in your head when you are not at a computer. I always think of the most witty things to write when I am driving, in a meeting, or someplace where I cannot compose said brilliance right away. Bummer!

Some things that made me title this entry, "Already?"

It snowed today. ALREADY?

The kids are 6 months old and that means we are kinda 1/2 way through the baby experience. In a way this is good, as there are exciting times to come, but really? 50% done with my baby snuggles ALREADY? WAH!

At the last appointment with the pediatrician, Taylor weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz and Jordan weighed 17 lbs, 4 oz. Jordan has an ear infection and he is now on his first course of antibiotics. ALREADY?

Now, in non-already news, we are headed to the great town of my alma mater tomorrow to see Jean who is in from CA to visit some friends and to see us for the day. We are so excited, but are very sad, sad, sad that Aimee and Garett stayed back in CA. God how we miss our CA pals.

On Sunday, for the first time ever, we are meeting some internet friends, in an attempt to make them real-life friends! I don't know how to be all fancy and make that underlined text that links to blogs (hell, I just figured out how to make the blogroll to the right!), but we are meeting with the lovely ladies from "Judecorp" and their little punk, Gus. And, we are meeting E&A from "Two moms are better than one." E is pregnant with the same donor that we used, making E&A the impending moms of the half-sibs of our kids. Holy crap, that's crazy talk! We are also meeting up with my cousin Jess and her baby Anna. (Under the heading of "what a small world," Jude of Judecorp is friends with Jess, so they are coming to brunch with us, too. And, E&A are also friends with Jude and her partner. Whoa! Go ahead, say it. What a small world!) We are very excited about this baby-blogga-bruncha-palooza!!

Have a great weekend. Look for pics of the kids in the hotel pool after the weekend is over and we are back home safe and sound. And, for those of you who posted in the "Pay it Forward" post, watch your mailboxes. Goodies are on their way!!

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Shelli said...

and keep an eye on YOUR mailbox, too! ;)

Say hi to E and A for us!