Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Posts galore

So, I did not sign up for that NOBLOPOMO or whatever the heck it is called, where you are supposed to blog everyday in November, but I am quite proud of myself for blogging as much as I have recently. There have been more posts this month than any other month since the blog began. Yeah!

I recently signed up with Blog*lines, as I had heard such cool things about it. Basically what it does is keep track of all the blogs you read for new posts. You log into your page and it highlights in bold which of the beloved blogs that you read have new posts. This means that I don't have to slog through my blogroll (slog through the blogs..hee-hee!!) everyday, clicking on every link to see who might have a new post up. In theory, this is super and saves lots of time. In practice, it means that I log into Blog*lines about a million times a day, like some blog-reading-crazed fool, to see if there are any new posts. Easier? Yes. Less time consuming? Yes. Less addictive? Not so much!

Snowing here again today. Second snow of the season. It will be a white Christmas for sure, if this keeps up. It will definitely be a white Thanksgiving. We are hosting at our house, with lots of Penny's family. It is a potluck, thank goodness. We are cooking the turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. And Penny's sister and brother-in-law (Cindy and Brian) are coming over Wednesday night to help with cooking and the babies. But not cooking the babies.

Jordan is sick and has a crazy cough. So, back to the pediatrician for him today. He has been sounding kinda wheezy, and that's never good.

If you wanna support some women who are having a tough time with a pregnancy that might not make it, go give some hugs over at Cha Cherry Cola. They are going through a shitty time right now.


Anonymous said...

i hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. i wish that i could be there for the baby cuz n's but we will see them soon. we are hosting a big thanksgiving and there is going to be twnety of us!!! i don't know if i can handle that but we are the only one with a big enough house to hold that many. they babies are so cute as usual and big. can't wait to meet them and i hope that enjoy turkey day. i miss you and love you so much and chris thanks so much for the little gift they were yummy. and the mitts are cute. love you so much you should go to my space and you can blog to me or send messages just go to myspace.com and type in jessica ely and find a pic of me and chase and then click on it and you will go to my profile love ya miss you all so much see ya soon

Kate said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I received your wonderful care package and polished off my cookies in one sitting (that's right MINE Amber got only one). So yummy! Hope to be able to see the whole Parker Martin clan soon! Miss you!!

P.S. Hope Jordan's feeling better.