Monday, January 8, 2007

Bill says it's time for a new post!

Happy 2007, everyone! It is finally the year that Penny and I will become parents! We are so excited and can't believe that the twins will be here in just four months. Unbelievable!
Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Happy birthday to me. I talked to lots of people, so thanks to everyone who called. I talked to my brother, Bill, in NY, and he informed me that it had been much too long since I had last posted and that the point of a blog was frequent posting to keep inquiring minds in the know. Well, excuse me, Mr. Pushy Police Man! So, Bill, this one's for you. Now, you better leave me a comment in the comments section. If you can figure it out, that is! LOL!
So, turning 32 means that, according to my OB, I am now considered (get this!) ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE for twins! Can you freakin' believe that? I guess I should have had them when I was, oh, I don't know...maybe 18? The medical world is just too much sometimes!
I had a lovely birthday. Dinner with some friends, presents, ice cream cake, and watching the L Word premiere on Showtime. Penny gave me some cool games and we played them throughout the day. Thanks, honey! You rock!
Pregnancy is going well. Not too much to report. I am definitely looking more and more pregnant and people who know me are noticing and commenting. To the rest of the world, I might still look somewhat "fluffy" (as they say!), but the gut is sticking out more and more like a proper pregnant belly. I am feeling the babies everyday now and that is pretty cool. I had a few pretty strong movements yesterday, so I hope that it is not too much longer until Penny can start feeling them from the outside. She is dying for that to start happening. The things that I feel are not so much jabs like individual kicks or punches, but more like rolling movements. The babies are definitely more active in the afternoons and evenings. Perhaps a precursor to being asleep all day and awake all night. Good times to come.
I guess that is about all the news from here for now. I am in my 20th week now and just so thrilled. We have our next ultrasound on January 19th, rescheduled from the 10th. The ultrasound department wanted to wait until the babies were a bit bigger, so they rescheduled the appointment. Hopefully, we will then have confirmation of the sexes of the babies. One boy and one girl, please! Thanks very much!


kim said...

Found you through Shelli over at hydrangeas. Wanted to say I'm a fellow twin mom and my DP and I love finding other families like ours! Congrats on your twins and it's the most amazing journey ever!!!!


Anonymous said...

chris and penny, thanks for the new post. much appreciated. michelle says on the national geographic channel sunday night 8pm (my time) is a special on twins developing from inside the womb. we will try and tape it. talk to you soon. -bill

jessica ely said...

hi guys i just wanted to say hi and that i miss you two (well soon to be four)hehe anyways i just wanted to let you know that we are very excited i check the page like three times a week to see pictures. everybody is well here well congrats we are very excited love you lots and god bless you two and the two to come love ya jes and chase