Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, the ultrasound was actually moved up to Thursday morning because they wanted the radiologist to be there to review the pictures that were taken during the ultrasound. So, I have had all this delicious news for 24 hours now and have not shared. So selfish, no? LOL!

Baby B is still a boy. Three cheers for our son! And, after reviewing the money shot pics, the radiologist stated, "I WOULD BE SHOCKED IF BABY A WAS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A GIRL AT BIRTH."

Holy crap. We freakin' hit the jackpot! It is now confirmed. We are going to be the parents of a son AND a daughter. I absolutely CANNOT stop smiling like a cheshire cat!

Both babies were looking great and we got some new really cool pics. Penny will upload them this weekend, so watch this space! The kiddos were moving around like mad. Actually, our DAUGHTER was moving so much that the tech was getting irritated. I believe the actual quote was, "This baby will not be still. This is going to take forever." Well, excuse me, Ms. Cranky Pants Ultrasound Tech. I cannot control her in utero. Actually, I have no thoughts that I will EVER be able to control her, if she is anything like her mamas! LOL!

That's about it. Healthy babies. Healthy mama. A son and a daughter. Now we can buy some girly stuff, to go along with the few boy-ish things that we have already bought. I just cannot believe how lucky I feel right now.

Thanks to everyone for their continued well wishes and support. We absolutely CANNOT wait for you all to meet our son and our daughter in just a few more months!


Anonymous said...

Yippie!!!! I am so thrilled for you both (for you four, actually!). CONGRATULATIONS!!! We cannot wait to meet them!
Nikki and Family (in NH!)

Anonymous said...!!! That's pretty darn incredible. Congrats again! How could you possibly have more fun. I'm glad every one is healthy. Keep the interesting news coming. It's great to be able to share this with you both. Love, Nancy Martin from NH as well!

jenndow said...

whooo-hooo! Thats awesome!! Where are the pics??

Anonymous said...

Chris and Penny -

Congratulations! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers untill the BIG DAY!! As a mother of a most wonderful daughter, I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the experience is....and you get two for the price of one!!

I sure hope that I will be able to see those two darling babies in the near future....

love to both of you..

Nancy Telford

Sophia said...

wooohooo congrats!

Anonymous said...

chris and penny great news and congrats. kelly was just looking at the ultrasound pictures. she said "what is that, where are the twins?" talk to you soon -love parker family

Anonymous said...

Chris , Penny, Tayler and Jordan,

So happy for you, keep going back to see the pictures. Glad that things are going well.
Love to you all
Woody and Harry