Wednesday, January 17, 2007

T-Minus Two Days!

So, our next ultrasound is on Friday at 6 pm. I hope that both babies cooperate and are not too modest, so that we can confirm the sexes of both. As you know, at the last ultrasound (in December), the tech said Baby B was a boy and Baby A was a "probably girl." We are looking for some definites this time around! Cross your fingers for us.
Everytime an ultrasound is coming up, I start to get nervous a few days before the appointment. Even though I can feel the babies moving everyday now, I am still nervous about the ultrasound on Friday. After the long journey to get pregnant, it is hard not to worry all the time that something will go wrong, or that all of this is just too good to be true! I feel so lucky that my IVF worked the first time. It did not work for two of my friends who had it. Another friend is going through it for the first time now, and oh, how I hope it works for her! So, think good thoughts for my friend's IVF and for our ultrasound on Friday.
It is so great to feel the babies moving around everyday now. It is kind of off-putting and I am still not totally used to it. But, it is nice to have some daily assurance that everything seems to be business as usual in there and moving along nicely. I am also feeling more movements in more places in my abdomen, as my uterus continues to expand northward. I am definitely feeling more movement higher up now. As confirmation that things are moving northward, my belly continues to move OUTWARD at a rate that makes me wonder what the hell things are gonna look like at about 35 weeks! Holy big belly, batman!
That's about it for now. Penny will post pics after the ultrasound, maybe over the weekend sometime. We will let you know who's in there, once we know. Fingers crossed for non-modest babies!
Thanks to everyone who is reading. We LOVE seeing your comments!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck ladies!! We are following this journey closely...the blog is a great idea! I want pictures of "fluffy" mom too as well as hopefully some "money shots" of both babies this time! :) All our thoughts and love!
Kate & Amber