Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Pics

Well at long last I have scanned in the ultrasounds. There are no between-the leg-shots, so these will have to do!

Above is a picture of both babies's heads together. You can see the membrane that separates them as well if you look closely. Do you think they are whispering secrets to each other? Or maybe starting to develop their secret twin language?

Above is a profile shot of Baby A, our little girl. The black spot in the chest is her heart.

Here's our daughter waving "Hi!" to all of those who can't wait to meet her.

Here you can clearly see the bottom of baby boy's foot. The other foot is there, too, off to the left if you look closely. What's poking out in the middle there? Maybe we got a money shot posted here after all!

Ok, above you can see some alien faces. No, wait a minute, actually these are the babies' faces. They are hard to make out, but look long enough, and like a Magic Eye optical illusion, facial features start to come into view after a few seconds. Baby B (the boy) is on the left, and Baby A (the girl) is on the right.

I can feel the babies kick now which is very cool. We bought a monitor so we can hear the heart beats, but we can not pick out exactly what we are hearing yet. My sister assures me that when Chris is a little further on we will be able to tell what is what.

Yesterday we had a baby care class. We learned swaddling and baby bathing on anatomically correct dolls. Coincidentally, we happened to pick up one boy baby and one girl baby!

I would like to send out a happy birthday to my great nephew Chase. He will love having little cousins to play with.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how well you can see them. Thank you for sharing these. I can't wait to meet them!!! That one with the girl waving is crazy!

Enjoy - they will be here before you know it.