Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What are the sexes?

On December 21st we had an ultrasound in the Ultrasound Department at Kaiser Oakland. Like the ultrasound at the end of November, the machine is of a higher quality. Our goal for this appointment was to find out if we were having boys, girls, or one of each. However, the tech's goal was to take measurements to make sure the babies were developing correctly. (We wanted that too but well.. knowing the sex would be great.) As you can see there are no crotch shots so do not look for any signs that the babies are boys or girls. The top shot is baby B. Baby B is the baby that is higher in the uterus and is most likely a boy, our SON! (There is always a chance that what we believe is the penis is not, but Baby B looked like all boy to us and to the tech, too!) Baby A is lower in the uterus and will be born first. The tech said that she was 52% sure that Baby A was a girl. However it is too soon to know for sure. Because Baby A is further inside, it was harder to see her (?!) clearly, and things were a bit blurry. Therefore, the sex could not be accurately determined right now. For now, we are riding on high on having a SON and a maybe DAUGHTER!! Oh, we are so blessed to continue to have two babies inside Chris that are thriving and growing just perfectly!

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Christmas present to find out you're having a boy and MAYBE a girl!!!! I am soooooo excited for you both! Let the naming begin!!!!
Nikki (in NH!)

Arin said...

Wheeeee! I am so thrilled for you two! Those babies look GREAT (and so cute)!!!