Monday, December 4, 2006

What's going on in there, little dudes?

So, it's the second trimester and I am thrilled about that. Our risks of something bad happening now are dramatically reduced. However, I know all too well from some close friends that you are never totally out of the woods. At any rate, I am feeling better and the nausea is definitely gone for the most part. I have lost my food aversions and can eat vegetables again. Yay! I am at a weird time of pregnancy, though. As a fluffy (!) gal, I am not really looking pregnant. And I cannot yet feel the babes moving around in there. So, between ultrasounds, sometimes I think, "Am I really still pregnant?" I can't wait to start feeling them move around. Sometimes I think I might be feeling something, but then I am not sure. I am still pretty tired in the afternoons and I fall asleep early at night. And, my goodness, what are these headaches all about? Taking two Tylenol when the pain is really kicking my ass, just does not seem adeqate. So, the mommy martyrdom begins. I suffer for the sake of my babes and their forming organs and important bodily systems.
Penny is going to publish some of the great ultrasound pics that we have very soon. So, keep a look out for them. Good news we have received recently is that I do not (yet?) have gestational diabetes. I failed the 1-hour test by 2 points, but then passed the very disgusting and difficult three-hour test with flying colors. Yay! Also, our Nuchal Translucency Test went well. Through ultrasound and a blood test (mine), both babies were determined to have very low risk for Down's Syndrome, and the other Trisomy disorders (13 and 18, I think). These results were so great, in fact, that we will not be having any further testing, like an amnio or anything else like that. Double yay!
That's it for now. We have about 5 more months to go. HOLY CRAP!!

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