Friday, December 22, 2006

Guess who's in there???

Hello everyone! Happy holidays! Well, we had an ultrasound yesterday and found out some cool information about our babies! It looks like we are going to have a son!! And, MAYBE a daughter! Baby A, which is closer to the cervix and further inside me, if you will, was a bit harder to see. We did get a pretty decent between-the-legs shot, but things were a bit blurry. The tech said if she had to guess, she would guess that Baby A is a girl. So cool!

As for Baby B, he is higher up in my abdomen and also closer to the surface, so much easier to see. We could see a much more clear between-the-legs shot, or the MONEY SHOT if you prefer. We could easily see a penis and then also the umbilical cord. Baby B is all boy, ladies and gents. We have ourselves a son. Wow! We have a son! And MAYBE a daughter!

We have another ultrasound in three weeks, on January 10th. Hopefully then we will be able to see Baby A more clearly and will know more definitively if our daughter has become our other son, or if she is still a she! lol!

Thanks for all the excitement and for keeping up with us on our twin journey. The ultrasound was so amazing and we were just totally thrilled to see both babies still moving around in there. They are so much bigger now than they were a month ago. They were opening and closing their hands and we could see all their fingers. We could also see the four chambers of the hearts and the two hemispheres of the brains. If you ask me, these babies looked super smart. Maybe geniuses, even! Hello, MENSA? I need a new subscription to your magazine and two membership cards please!!

We will put up some new pics soon. Sorry for the delay in that area! And sorry for the overuse of exclamation points. My Seinfeld enthusiast friends know how disappointed Elaine would be in me as a result of this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xo, Chris and Penny

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