Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This ultrasound took place on November 22nd. The purpose of this ultrasound was to measure the neural tube at the back of the neck/brain area and upper spinal column. These measurements along with a blood test (Chris' blood) help to determine the odds of having certain birth defects and Down Syndrome. We were pleased to find out that the chance of any of these occurring are very low. The measurements take a long time and thus we were able to watch our babies for over an hour. The technician showed us their hearts, stomachs, and she also measured their heart rates. The babies moved around a ton, including rolling over completely and putting their hands to their faces. The tech was wonderful. She answered all of our questions and pointed out a lot of the movements and internal workings of our babies.

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Melissa said...

Wow---they are great pictures. The one where you can see the baby's spine is cool...it is just amazing at how formed they are and still so tiny. The two profile shots are cute--they are really growing!!! Congrats--they are beautiful. Just think NEXT Christmas they will probably be crawling all over the place and you will be chasing them around the Christmas tree! Too fun.