Friday, June 12, 2009

No, Mama! Me do it!

I think the day they turned two a button was thrown wherein they began being their lovely "terrible two" selves. And people say three is worse. God help me! If we put them in the high chair, or in the car seat, or in the crib, or on the changing table, you can hear "ME DO IT! reverberating through our house. They want to then climb down, attempt to do said activity ("Me climb up!"), and then either have some success or ask for help. It is maddening and time consuming and yet endearing all at the same time. They are both great climbers and it is so cute to see them do it themselves, little butts in the air. But taking double time for everything is crazy making. I guess we should either 1) just let them climb up from the beginning or 2) go to the time store and buy some more because this takes a long time and I could really use a few more hours in the day!

Mimi is coming for a visit from FL next week and she is staying for 3 weeks! I am thrilled and also nervous. I hope she does not get too bored and that we do not want to kill each other by the end of it. I am so excited for the kids to get to be with her for such a long time. It will be awesome for all of us. And, I know that our house will be clean and we will eat GOOD! My mama is super helpful when she visits and OMG are we ever grateful. Penny and I are going to a B&B in Stowe for one night next week and we are so excited. Mimi says she is up to the task of having the kids on her own (probably for about 20 hours), so we are taking her to task. We are using a gift certificate that we got as a gift from friends Sarah and Sarah when I was pregnant. We never used it and it never expired, so we are going away and it will only cost us about $50 out of pocket. How freakin' awesome is that? Thanks Sarah and Sarah! Penny and I are also going to go out to dinner, maybe see a movie, and go to a paint your own pottery place in Stowe the next day. All that free time? My god, can you stand it?

And then next weekend my brothers and their people (Tim: gf Cara, Bill: Wife Michelle, and kids Kelly and Will) are all visiting and staying with us. It will be a full house for sure, but I am so excited for us to all be together. It will be Father's Day weekend, which will be hard as usual. But, we will celebrate Bill being a father and we are going to have a joint birthday party for all the spring-summer-fall birthdays (Michelle, Taylor, Jordan, Kelly, Will, Tim, Penny, Bill). That's a lot of birthdays! Hope for good weather so we can be outside with the kids and they can play in the kiddie pools, play house, sandbox, and water table. Bill and Michelle have a little bouncy house that blows up and they are bringing that, too! Awesome!

I have so much more to say, since I hardly ever blog anymore, but I will stop here for now.

Things I want to post about: Disney Trip in September, being a Creative Memories Consultant, trying to buy a house, the new daycare center. And I want to post lots of pics, like birthday pics, funny recent pics, and even pics from Disney last year. I hate to bring up what a slacker blogger I am in every damn post, but if the shoe fits? Ya know you gotta wear it.

TGIF everyone. We are going to a birthday BBQ on Saturday and having a scrapbooking party on Sunday. Oh, and we gotta clean the house for Mimi's arrival on Wednesday. That is a tall order and a busy weekend!

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