Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gotta Love It!

There is a great blog that I have been reading recently called Freebies 4 Mom. There are tons of cool things on there that you can get for free. Check her out at

One very cool freebie that she has listed now is a 50% off coupon for e.l.f. cosmetics. They have tons of cool stuff, for super cheap, that is getting lots of great reviews. I ordered 15 different things for a grand total of $14.45, including shipping! Wow! I have lots of old make-up that I hardly ever wear. Such is the luxurious life of a mom with twin toddlers! I hate to throw things away to replace them, though, as it hardly seems worth it. Well, for under $15, I guess I can chuck some of the old stuff that would likely give me an eye infection if I used it again anyway!

So, go check out Freebies 4 Mom and get some nice new cosmetics for cheap!

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Meg said...

e.l.f has a great 75% off deal going on right now