Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, my loves.

Jordan and Taylor are 2 years old today. My oh my how the time flies. We had a lovely birthday party with friends and family, that even included a bunch of kids. Last year's party was all adults and the kids were only 1, so they hardly knew the difference. This year, we had other little ones and it was more chaotic, for sure! I wondered if we should have had some games planned. We did not have any games, but I think it still went well.

We had a cute animal theme and gave out cute goody boxes. Our friends and family were incredibly generous and the twins were blessed with an abundance of awesome new stuff. Thank you everyone! I made cupcakes for the kids at the party. Jordan blew out his big "2" candle, but Taylor needed a little help. She wanted to grab the flame, but did not quite grasp the concept of blowing out the candle. Oh well. Next year, maybe. I also made an awesome rainbow cake that came out looking very psychadelic and very cool! We took lots of pics, so I will get some up later this week. I know what you are thinking...promises, promises. No really, I will get the pics up. I want to get back into blogging and this is just the time to do it.

And, so I always remember the kids at this age, I want to write a few things down here about each of them. Unfortunately, this is the closest we get to a baby book. Lame, right? Oh well. Such is life with twins. Anyhoo...

Jordan is pretty advanced in his physical skills. He likes to run and climb and can jump with both feet off the floor. Jordan is often heard saying, "No help! Me do it!" He is stubborn and obstinate and willful and he gives us a run for our money! We are learning ways to work with him so that we stay sane and he feels like he is getting a chance to try things and master them in his own way and in his own time. Imagine how tough this is when you are trying to get someplace, anyplace, quickly. Jordan is also so so cute and loveable and, once he thinks it was his idea in the first place, he loves to give hugs and kisses. His little "Wuv you, mama" just melt me! Jordan finally recognizes that he is named Jordan and not Taylor and he sounds so cute when he says his own name. He has learned how to climb out of the crib, but does not do it on a regular basis. I think we are on the verge of toddler beds. Jordan is learning about the potty and sometimes asking to go on it. We are making progress. Jordan loves to eat fruit, cheese, and all things sugary and carby. He loves yogurt and spaghettios and applesauce and berries.

Taylor is a little imp and a ham and she loves to test us. She gets a gleam in her eye when she knows she is doing something she is not supposed to, but she knows she is going to do it anyway. She tries to keep up with her brother, but is not quite as skilles physically yet. She can climb up into her high chair and surprised us all by climbing out of her crib and meeting Mommy in the bathroom on Easter morning. Penny from the bathroom: "Chris? Did you take Taylor out of her crib?" Me: "No. Why?" Penny: "Because she is standing in front of me in the bathroom!" We did not even hear a sound as she slid stealthily from her bed. See what I mean about her being an imp? Taylor loves to snuggle and looks to us for kisses to make it all better when she gets a boo-boo. She wakes up slowly in the mornings and likes to rock with mama as she wakes up. I am only too happy to oblige, as her warm sweet-smelling body comes alive for another day...except on those mornings when she is not so sweet smelling! Taylor loves macaroni and cheese (but only from a can. EW!). She also loves bananas, grapes, and berries, and yogurt, and toast (but not the crust. Where do kids all of a sudden learn not to like crust?) She likes chicken nuggets, especially when there is ketchup for dipping. She also loves popcorn, which, unfortunately, she refers to as p*o*r*n!

These two kids are amazing and make us laugh all the time. Both kids have really started talking a lot more recently and they say new words all the time, some of which we did not even know they knew! When they see us at daycare pick-up, their eyes light up and we know we are doing something right as we navigate the world of parenting. We laugh when they say funny things, like when Jordan called Taylor "honey!" the other day. But, we also remember the heartache of 27 months of trying to get pregnant. Today, on their birthday, we remember how very lucky we are that Taylor and Jordan found their way to us eventually. Happy 2nd Birthday, monkeys. Mama and Mommy love you so so much! We hope you have many many hours of fun in your new playhouse with the slide (that took an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time and people to put together) that we bought you for your birthday. Thanks to Mimi for chipping in on this, to make such a cool gift possible!

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Happy Birthday Jordan and Taylor!!