Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hello everyone. Well, I am 35 weeks pregnant today. Holy cow! I had a Non Stress Test (NST) on Monday to check fluid levels and heartbeats. Both were fine for both babies. Both babies were still breech at that time.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound. Well, bowl me over with a feather, both babies are now head down and ready to go! WHAT? After two months of planning on a scheduled C-Section, we might have the possibility of doing this the old-fashioned way! Can you believe it? I have emailed my OB to find out what the plan is from here. The previous plan was to have an amnio to check for lung maturity. If the lungs were fine, then we were going to schedule the C-Section. Now, maybe we will be scheduling an induction. I am so ready to have these babies and am ready to go when she gives me the go-ahead.

At the ultrasound, we also found out that I am growing some big ol' babies! Now, the ultrasound measurements can be up to a pound off, but this is what we found out yesterday. Baby Girl Taylor (A) is measuring about 6 lbs. Taylor is growing right on schedule and is an appropriate weight for her gestational age. Baby Boy Jordan (B) is measuring a whopping 8 lbs! He is a bruiser and is measuring a few weeks ahead. So, if these measurements are to be believed, I am carrying around approximately 14 pounds of baby! Now that's a lot of baby!

That's all our news for now. We will keep you updated. I am hoping that we have babies in the next week or so. I could probably stand to wait for two more weeks, but that would be about it! I am pretty uncomfortable already! Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Harry has just seen the pictures and has changed her mind about twins being a good idea!! Just one will be enough in my belly at a time thank you very much, was her polite way of saying it! Woody

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't believe the babies turned head down for you! Just when you think you have it all planned out.... BAM... babies change it up just to keep us on our toes! As my kiddos continue to grow, I find this theory still stands.... and probably will forever! LOL

Best of luck! Can't wait to hear the news!!!
Nikki (in NH)

Ute said...

I came across your blog through dreas site. I love those pictures of your pregnancy, I have twins myself, two girls, and can still remember how exciting this time was. I'm from Germany, feel free to check out my blog, its bilingual and about the everyday life with the twins, which are three years old by now.

Anonymous said...

it is so exciting to read your news. Can't wait to see pictures, etc. Want to send you presents after the babies come. Mandy and her boyfriend Dustin are coming to CA the first week of July and want to come and see you, penny and the babies. Love you both
Aunt Nancy