Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The gear...

Last weekend, Jean and Aimee came over to help with gear assembly. Well, mostly Penny and Jean put stuff together (since they are so super BUTCH!) and Aimee and I socialized and played with baby Garett. Thanks to Aimee and Jean for a lovely day of friends, eating, gear assembly, baby practicing, and board game playing. We had tons of fun! Above is the full-size swing we bought with some of the generous Babies R Us gift cards that people gave us. Love the pattern. It is such a nice color green, too!
Above is the table-top bouncy seat from my Uncle Rob and Aunt Cecilia. It is super soft and we have to constantly battle the cats to stay the hell off of it! We have all the gear in the back/guest/baby room, and it is all protected with big waterproof pads to keep dust and cat hair off of the nice clean surfaces. Thanks Uncle Rob and Cecilia!
This is the super soft travel swing that Jess and Chris bought us. It will be put up on a table to be off the floor. We love it because the toys on the mobile are super cute, and the swing folds up very compactly when not in use. Great for storage in a small house and even better to keep kitty paws and butts out of the swing! Thanks, guys!
Above is the twin Pack-and-Play that Bill and Michelle bought for us. It has two basinetts on top, where the bambinos will sleep, until they reach a combined weight of 30 lbs. It is a great height next to our bed and we keep looking at it and not being able to believe that there will be two babies in there in just a few more weeks. Holy cow! Thanks Bill and Michelle! We love it!

The other big gear that we have, but have not yet put together, is the twin stroller and the two infant car seats that snap into the stroller. Many thanks to Mom and Grandma for these generous gifts. We are gonna assemble the stroller soon. The car seats will be installed once we have an appointment with the California Highway Patrol car seat technicians.

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