Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The belly...and an update

So, this is what a 34 week pregnant-with-twins belly looks like. And check out my cute monkey pajamas! Take a close look, folks, as the next time you will see a belly like this will likely be when you are at the circus side show! Holy cow, right? LOL! I have only gained 24 pounds so far, and the OB is just thrilled with that. Given that I was an *ahem* "ample" woman to begin with, I was not expected to gain tons and tons. It will be interesting to see how fast the weight comes off, as most of that is probably actual babies, placentas, and other good junk that will all come out at once. Thank goodness for small favors, right?

Anyway, the belly is doing well, but it sure makes it tough for mama to sleep and get around. As you can imagine, any shoes that do not require tying are now my favorites!

In other baby news, the babies are both still breech, as they have been for the past month or so. This means that, unless they turn head down in the next few weeks (which is unlikely), I will be having a planned and scheduled C-Section. In some ways this might be good: I will get two extra weeks of paid time off through state disability, I will not have to exhaust myself with 30 hours of labor, and the babies will come out looking lovely and without cone-heads, like I had and that my dad made fun of when he saw me. Mom wanted to kick his ass, apparently!

Next week I have a non-stress test (NST) to measure the babies' heart rates and also an ultrasound for growth. If the babies are nice and meaty, like we think they are, then I will have an amnio to check for lung maturity. If the lungs are mature, then we will schedule a C-Section for the following week, when I will be about 36 weeks pregnant. This is considered full-term for twins.

So, that's all the news. Hope you have enjoyed the pictures and the updates. Watch this space, as more fun is to come, for sure! Thanks to everyone who is leaving supportive comments, emailing, and calling to check in on us. It is nice to know that you all are out there and thinking about us and our babies. We can't wait to meet them, either!


Anonymous said...

Yowza! That is one pregnant belly with a beautifully glowing mommy! Hang in there, those babies will be here before you know it! We can't wait to love them!
nikki (in NH)

Anonymous said...

okay now i don't feel so bad about me gaining 70lbs in my pregnancy. just kidding. you look beautiful and so darn cute prego. best wishes and can't wait to see the little ones god luck and congrats tell aunt p i said hi and the little guy is doing well and casuing trouble. picked up on a few bad choice words but all part of parneting. love you bunches and not a minute goes buy that i don't think i about you four. love ya jes and chase

Kim said...

What a great belly shot! Congratulations on making it this far with your twins. I wish you and your wife all the best with your children.

Drea said...

those pjs look so cozy! im going to ad you to my blogroll to keep up with your twins. how exciting. my friend tara just had twins a week ago. 1 boy 1 girl

CwazyLawa said...

Oh my gosh- how jealous am I that you are having twins!? I just ran across your blog via Drea's and I have to say I'm gonna have to come back to this one, cause twins are so exciting! Congratulations!!