Thursday, January 31, 2008

News and updates

I am off to Louisiana for my cousin's wedding this weekend. (I should note, because Penny always gets such a kick out of it, that Amanda is my only first cousin. Penny has about, oh, a bajillion first cousins, so she thinks it's funny that I have one!) I am very excited to go. However, Penny is staying home with the kiddos and the plans for someone to come and stay with her to help for the weekend just recently fell through. Therefore, I am feeling pretty guilty about going. But, the plans are made and there is not much I can do. So, I wish Penny good luck. And she knows I will be bringing home the mother of all goodies for her. Not sure what it will be yet, but I gotta find something good!

All that said...I am looking forward to two nights in a hotel by myself, as well as a rental car in which I will do several hours of driving (from TX to LA), all the while listening to a luxurious book on tape. The time alone seems so appealing now, but I am sure that I will miss Penny and the kids more than currently anticipated. I'll be back home Sunday night by midnight...and no doubt hating life on Monday morning when it is time to get up for work!

In baby news, we had to lower Jordan's crib mattress because he was pulling up onto his knees and well on his way to pulling himself into a standing position. Very exciting developmentally, but very sad for the mommas that their babies are on their way to walking! Jordan has also started clapping while he laughs, which is unbeliavably cute.

Taylor is really a mover and shaker. She is all over the place now, although forward crawling is still elusive to her. She can get around just fine, though, which led us to a recent purchase of a gated enclosure where we can put both kids and they can play freely, without us constantly on top of them. Bring on the childproofing! Ugh!

Both kids are doing really well with eating and sleeping. They are branching out into all different kinds of foods and finding lots of things that they like. It is really fun to give them new things and see them experience different tastes and textures. Both kids are loving some mixed fruit that we made up recently. The moms are enjoying making homemade baby food!

Both kids are finally back to sleeping in their cribs and sleeping mostly through the night. They are both doing a great job on figuring out how to soothe themselves and fall back to sleep after a bit of babbling or crying in the middle of the night. Moms are happy to be getting some good sleep.

That's about it. It is Thursday, which means I am home with the kids, so I have to run. They are calling me...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picture Post

Happy babies on Christmas morning.

This was our sad, sad Char.lie Brown Christmas tree. After going to three places to look for a tree and finding them all sold out, our friend Michael went out onto our land on snowshoes in search of a tree. This was the best of the very few options. Behold the great Christmas tree of 2007! Thanks Michael. Hey, it was free and it was all ours!

Taylor loves to pose whenever the camera comes out. Rarely is there a picture where she is not smiling.
Is this a dacyare center or our house? The twinners love their exersaucers! (Oh, and it's our house!)

Jordan and Mama Chris playing after work one day. Jordan was loving taking his socks off and putting them in his mouth. It looks like we don't feed him enough, doesn't it? Perhaps socks taste better than our homemade babyfood?

Jordan loves to throw himself upside down at any opportunity. He is so funny!

Perhaps Taylor would agree that socks taste better than our homemade babyfood?

And perhaps duckies taste better than what is served at our house?

Taylor gives the bath time ducky restaurant 4 stars!

The family who bathes together, stays together!

We love to splash!

Mama Penny and Taylor after bath time. Look at those smiles!

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Hef*ner!

Mama Penny and her two sweet babies. My three favorite people in the whole world!

Sweet dreams, little one! (Possible suffocation devices removed after this photo was taken!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Questions, questions, questions

Here's a meme stolen from judecorp...

Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I'd like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal/blog, and see what people don't know/want to know about you.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congrats to all the new moms!!

E and A from "Two Moms are Better than One" had their baby, and it's a boy! This precious boy is the 1/2 brother of Taylor and Jordan, as we used the same sperm donor. We have seen pics and they emailed us his name, but neither is posted on their blog yet, so I will refrain from sharing. He is super cute, definitely has the same chin as T and J, that we suspected was from the donor, and he has a great name! Congrats to E&A! We are so happy for you! And we are really looking forward to forging ahead with you guys into the land of defining our new extended 21st century family!!

Also, Jenny and E from "Probably Boring Ramblings" had their baby girl (Elsie Jane) early this morning. All are doing well and basking in the glory of their long awaited little one. At long last, your dreams have come true and I am so happy for you!!

Congrats to all the new moms on their new additions. You're in for a wild ride!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, 2008 has arrived and we are already being blessed with two sleeping babies, taking nice long naps this morning! Yay! So, there is time for a New Year's blog post.

Penny and I stayed in last night. 7.5 month old twins...not much choice in the celebrating matter! We were happy to stay in, although isn't it funny that when the choice is made for you, you feel like you wish you had options. But when we had no babies and could do whatever we wanted for New Year's Eve, wouldn't ya know it...we mostly also stayed home. But, we usually also had friends over for games and some sort of yummy dinner. Oh how we miss the CA friends!

While the evening started out quite bland (I went to the laundry mat to dry our laundry. The house we are renting only has a washer. Go figure!), it ended quite nicely, even though neither one of us saw midnight. After the kids went to bed, Penny and I did cook ourselves a lovely dinner. We had mussels steamed in white wine and garlic, along with linguine with clam sauce, breadsticks, wine, and chocolate mousse for dessert. We were quite thrilled with ourselves, actually. It was so yummy! And, it's great to start the new year with all clean laundry!

2007 was quite a year for us, as you can imagine. We finally became moms, after a long two year struggle with infertility and journey to conception. In 2007, we found out we were having boy/girl twins and felt like the luckiest women alive. We took two lovely weekend babymoons for relaxing and enjoying each other before our world would be turned upside down. We experienced unbelievable love, support, and generosity from our friends, family, and coworkers with a multitude of baby showers and subsequent yummy meals delivered to our door after the babies arrived. (Seriously, we might have made it without the meal delivery, but we certainly would not have been so well nourished by your food and your love!) Of course, we also welcomed Taylor and Jordan into our lives, when they made us a family on May 10th. Other massive changes were leaving our jobs (and our friends and everything that had been our lives for 7 years), moving cross-country from CA to VT with our three month old twinners, and settling into a new life as born-again New Englanders. We are thankful to live so close to Penny's family, as well as to be on the same coast as all of my family. (Hey, it's a big improvement from CA, NY, and FL!)

In 2008, our babies will turn 1. (Seriously, how is that possible?) And we will see big changes in them: crawling, walking, more teeth, more food experiences, personalities further emerging, and a multitude of other things that cannot be predicted. Penny and I hope to get in better shape, lose some weight (ah, the old weight loss New Year's resolution), support and encourage each other as parents, and find ways to continue to connect with each other. We hope to use our craft room more, save more money, take one day at a time, and appreciate the daily grind that is so easy to try to get through, rather than enjoy.

Thanks to the readers out there. We love reading your comments, so say hi if you stop by to let us know you were around. And here's to a great 2008 for you all. We wish you health, happiness, fulfillment, and fertility to those struggling with that. We hope all your dreams come true!