Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Questions, questions, questions

Here's a meme stolen from judecorp...

Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I'd like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal/blog, and see what people don't know/want to know about you.


Jude said...

What do you miss most about the West Coast?

Anonymous said...

Where did you go on your first date with each other?

I dont have anywhere for you to show the answer so you will have to do it via e-mail or facebook

BabyBlueprint said...

Okay, I have a two-part question...

How did you choose and how do you feel about your kids' names??

Thanks for the great idea!

Chris and Penny said...

shoot, i can't figure out how to respond to each question under the actual qustion...so here are the responses:

to jude: the things we miss the most about the west coast are 1) our friends 2) the high salaries - that we did not realize were so high when we were there. hindsight sucks! 3) the mostly 60ish weather, especially now that we are in the thick of our 1st winter back in new england and it is a tough one that is kicking our butts!

to woody: if you asked each of us this question, you would get a different answer. i feel that our first date was applepicking. penny says she did not know that was a "date" and thought we were just hanging out as friends. whereas, i had been all excited and lamented over what to wear (with friends over the phone)...given that it was our first date! lol! she would say our first date was indian food in lebanon, nh (where she had also gone a lot with ex gf, syd! so wrong!). we ate a lovely dinner and then stood in the parking lot and talked for FOUR hours!!

to babyblueprint: we came up with Taylor and Jordan's names through much purusing of a baby name book. there were not tons of names that we agreed upon. i liked more trendy names and penny liked more out there and old fashioned names. in the end, we came up with taylor and jordan as two that we agreed upon and we were happy that they were non-gender specific as we could use them for babies of either sex. at that point, we knew we were having twins, but we did not know their sexes. jordan's middle name is penny's mom's maiden name. and taylor's middle name is part of my mom's first name, as well as my maternal grandmother's first name. through the kids' names, we have honored both sides of each of our families and we are thrilled about that. the kids have hyphenated last names. between us, our kids have only one grandmother (my mom) and two greatgrandmothers (both of our paternal grandmothers). we love the names taylor and jordan and are so glad that we chose them. they really seem to fit the kids well.

phew! that was a long reply/post. more questions...i want more questions!!


Anonymous said...

okay - question:

Who were you before the twins? Describe to me pre-mom you.


Penny said...

Okay. Since Chris answered the above questions I feel that I need to put my 2 cents in too.
I miss all that she mentioned except the weather I found the fact that the temps were similar year round and the lack of true seasons depressing. I am not sure how I feel about the snow right now but I do know I like it better than the rainy season. I miss the diversity in the food choices.

As far as the first date. I though we were just hanging out when we went apple picking. When Missy suggested we hang out because we lived in the same area and Chris did not know any one I do not think she was setting us up on a date.

In hind sight I do think that Indian food was our first date and by the way I went to that restraunt with Woody and other firends too not just my x. We spent a very long time in the parking lot talking after we ate.

The names. We started off trying to find gender neutral names.

As far as who we were before the twins. We though money was tight but it was not too bad. We had fun and went away when we wanted. We also were women who wanted kids.

Chris and Penny said...

i agree with penny that i do not think missy was setting us up on a date, but by the time we went apple picking, i already had a crush on penny, so i went ahead and made it a date in my head! lol!

to answer the most recent question about who i was before the twins...i was someone who wanted to be a mom so badly. i was a stand-up commedian (ok, i could still do this, but hard to find the time). i was someone who thought nothing of spending $50 bucks a week going out to a nice sushi dinner. and i was somone who made lots of time for my friends.

things that i was then and still am now: funny, a good wife, organized, a good friend (but with much less time, unfortunately), and a hard worker.

Anonymous said...

In Penny's defence, when you find a good Indian food, you have to share it with people, and if that means previous relationships, then so be it. It was good! Woody

Pre children, what is your best memory?

Chris and Penny said...

best memories for me include wedding and maui honeymoon. awesome! and many memories at smith college and girls weekends away with my core smithie group, including vegas and miami. i would also count the day i first got a pregnancy test to produce two glorious lines as one of the best days of my life! chris

Penny said...

First thanks Woody for having my back. My best memories are easy. The many adventures with Chris including Woodys wedding and our wedding and honeymoon but also,I had such fun at Farnswroth and met amazing women. I began to learn who I really was there. Chris has great friends from Smith and camp where as my great friends are all because of camp.