Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picture Post

Happy babies on Christmas morning.

This was our sad, sad Char.lie Brown Christmas tree. After going to three places to look for a tree and finding them all sold out, our friend Michael went out onto our land on snowshoes in search of a tree. This was the best of the very few options. Behold the great Christmas tree of 2007! Thanks Michael. Hey, it was free and it was all ours!

Taylor loves to pose whenever the camera comes out. Rarely is there a picture where she is not smiling.
Is this a dacyare center or our house? The twinners love their exersaucers! (Oh, and it's our house!)

Jordan and Mama Chris playing after work one day. Jordan was loving taking his socks off and putting them in his mouth. It looks like we don't feed him enough, doesn't it? Perhaps socks taste better than our homemade babyfood?

Jordan loves to throw himself upside down at any opportunity. He is so funny!

Perhaps Taylor would agree that socks taste better than our homemade babyfood?

And perhaps duckies taste better than what is served at our house?

Taylor gives the bath time ducky restaurant 4 stars!

The family who bathes together, stays together!

We love to splash!

Mama Penny and Taylor after bath time. Look at those smiles!

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Hef*ner!

Mama Penny and her two sweet babies. My three favorite people in the whole world!

Sweet dreams, little one! (Possible suffocation devices removed after this photo was taken!)


LKC said...

Love, love, love the pics. And I especially love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

Anonymous said...

I like to think that our tree was inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics! The Xmas tree pic doesn't do justice, it was much cuter in person!

BTW, be on the lookout in the mail this week!

Nikki and Family