Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just to catch you up.

Well a lot has happened in twin land. We have had our first molars to start coming in. The kids have graduated up to tooth brushes from the little things you put on your finger. Taylor is becoming attached to her Froggy and Jordan is starting to become attached to his elephant. The kids have had pink eye. Heck we all had pink eye. But the winner of the worst pink eye in the family goes to Chris. I have never seen pink eye so bad. The illness of the week is now Hand, foot and mouth disease. Love the crazy illnesses.

This past week we went to CT to spend the 4th with Chris' friend Jess and her family. It was fun but the weather did not cooperate. We did get to swim in their pool and it was nice seeing everyone. Rajni and Barry and Eileen came too. Unfortunately, our kids might have passed on their little bug to Jess' kids. We hope not but if we did we are sorry.

Also over the Fourth my niece Jessie moved back to VT from Utah and we are pleased about this. Jess has a son who is a few years older than our kids but it will be good to have some young ones for our kids to grow up with. This weekend there is a welcome home BBQ for her and all of my siblings (Penny) and their families will be there.

Just an up date on the Relay for Life. We had fun and as it stands now we plan on doing it again next year. During the 3 am lap was a costume competition. We were supposed to dress up like a super hero. I wore my Wonder Woman adult underoo type garment and was very cold. On the bright side I also won the contest. Chris and I raised over $400 and the team won for raising the most money. Thank you all for your help and support.

Back to the kids. Jordan says a few words like Baby and he tries to say Bear (Our dog). The new word is No. He started saying, "No", Monday and it makes us laugh (now) because it sounds like he is saying it with and English accent. Taylor points to things that she wants and clearly says, "Dat" when she wants to be picked up she says, "Dup" They are walking very well and are very quick. They also love to crawl up the stairs.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. We will add more pictures soon.


Kathryn said...

sorry about the hand, foot, mouth thing. It's going around here too and the babies Heather takes care of both had it for a bit. Ugh!
sounds like other than sickies things are great up there!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're all doing well (when not sick)!

hand foot and mouth has made it to our world...Mr. E's cousin has it - just diagnosed today, so now we wait. Mr. E's pedi said breastfeeding may prevent it. i can only hope!

Anonymous said...

Yes, pictures, please!

Lisa C. said...

Chris love the pics! It was so nice to see you and the babies in VT! Well actually NH hehee! They really are adorable and so very well behaved! Kudos!!
Lisa (FF )

C.I.W. said...

Hello- I just stumbled on your blog from.. well.. I have no idea. I just wanted to say I got to reading about your shower-- and the stones.. and candle.. and broke into tears. What a WONDERFUL idea-- and I hope you don't mind if I share it with others..