Sunday, June 22, 2008

Memorial Day Camping Trip 2008

Finally as promised here are some pictures and an up date on our family's first camping trip. Chris mentioned that we went camping in Island Pond, VT which is about 40 minutes from the Canadian boarder. The weekend was cold, cloudy and it did rain a bit too. Although the weather was not always with us. We had fun spent time with family and the kids were able to experience their first nights in a tent, campfire, homemade ice cream, rocky mountain pies, nap in a camper and special time with cousin Heather and PJ.

This is our new tent. It can be divided into two rooms and with the right adaptor it can have electricity (We do not have the adaptor.)!
Cousin Heather is playing with Jordan while he is in his stroller and PJ is snuggling with Taylor. They love hanging with Cousin Heather and PJ and well I think the feeling is mutual. Because they could not come up for the Kids birthday. Heather and PJ got the kids Red Sox T shirts.
You can tell by the way the kids are dressed that it is a chilly evening by the fire. Cousin Heather and I hold our kids while we try to stay warm.
Say cheese! PJ is cheesing it up with Taylor.
On Sunday. Which was the Sunny day, we loaded up the van and the car and drove to Newport VT. We thought about zipping in to Canada for a bit, but we decided that we would wait for our next trip up North for that. For lunch we stopped at Wendy's where Heather and PJ volunteered to eat lunch with the kids.
Two handsome men in Wendy's. That's PJ and Jordan. You gotta love a guy who likes to hang out with babies.

Here is Auntie Cindy cheesing it up with Taylor. Taylor loved wearing Auntie Cindy's sunglasses.

After our trip to Newport we did a little shopping in Island Pond where we bought the kids some tevas. We then returned to the campsite and made two types of ice cream in an ice cream ball that we bought from LL Bean. We ate the ice cream Monday on our way home.

Although the weather could have been warmer we did have fun. Heather and I (Penny) also got a chance to plan our Orland trip. We can not wait.


Elowyn said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm adding you all to my reading list. It's great to see 18 months or so into my future! ;)

Heather & Chaos said...

Wow! I give you guys two thumbs up! I would never even think about camping with just my son in a tent let alone twins! Now that I have three that will NEVER happen! It looks like you all had a great time. And I like your daughter's name too. ;-)

And yes, I'm in CA so camping for us isn't nearly as cold as for you guys!!!

welcome2ourworld said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :) Cute pictures - as always :)

Jennette said...

Hi Chris, Penny, and kids! I totally thought of you all today because it's Pride weekend in SFO and I remember that you gals marched with the twins. They are growing so fast! Have started blabbering yet? Miss you! jennette