Sunday, December 30, 2007

You know you're in VT when...

Last night Penny was planning on watching the big Pats game and I knew I did not want any part of that. Sorry, honey! So, this gal checked into some options and guess who went out to her first movie in almost eight months (since the babies were born)? That's right, it's me. (Hold on. I lied. Penny and I went to see Harry*Potter for her birthday in July, while my mom babysat.) I love going to the movies. I love the previews. I love the seats (when my fat ass is not being pinched by them!). And I love being in the dark with strangers, all there with a common purpose. So, I have been sad to not go to the movies in so long. And I am someone who kind of enjoys going to the movies alone. I like going with others, too, but there is something cool and fun and relaxing about going alone. I can cry and laugh and do whatever without thinking the other person thinks I am weird or some sort of loony crying movie watcher. I tend to cry a fair amount at the movies.

Last night I saw Juno and it was fab! I am so glad that I caught it. If you have not seen it, and are able to, I highly recommend getting out there to see it. It was a poignant coming of age, teen pregnancy movie. It reminded me of Welcome to the Dollhouse, but it was not quite as painful to watch. But, I still cried...a few times.

Going to the movies in VT means:

1) Tickets cost a mere $7.50! (I heard another movie goer from out of town say, "I can't believe these prices! In Providence, tickets are about $12." I hear ya, girlfriend. Cali was the same!)

2) There is a theatre that plays first-run/current movies, but has just one screen and shows just one movie at a time.

3) The theatre is so small... (How small is it?) It's so small that after you buy your ticket from the single ticket agent, you have to stand outside in line until the earlier movie gets out and you have someplace to go! Oh, how I wished I had brought a hat!

4) People bring their own tupper*ware from home from which to consume their popcorn!

Seriously, can you stand the quaintness?


Anonymous said...

I know where you are coming from, I love the movies too. You could sit next to me and cry/laugh/screem/coo as I would be doing the same thing. I have been known to cry at animation!
Glad you got some me time, good for the soul.
Love Woody

LKC said...

Oh how I miss Vermont! Did you go to the Savoy? I saw many movies there during my three years in South Royalton.

Dana and I just returned from Alaska and so much reminded me of Vermont and its incredible quality of life. We have been talking about moving back to Vermont since our return. Perhaps just dreaming for now but hopefully sooner rather than later...

Happy New Year!

Chris and Penny said...

yes, i DID go to the savoy! impressive!