Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pics, pics, pics

Cousins Heather and Jessie with J & T recently. Jessie was home from Utah for a visit (along with fiancee Matt and son Chase) and we had a lot of good family time. It was great to meet Matt and to hang out with Chase. He is such a big boy now!

Ms. Taylor is on the move! Check out that drool!

Here's Chase with one of his favorite birthay gifts, courtesy of MeMa (Cindy). Check out that tongue!

Cousins Alex and Trent love to hold J & T. Lookin' good everybody!

Jessie looks ready to be a mom of twins herself, doesn't she? Rockin' the twins, Jess! LOVE the face on Taylor!

Jordan is enjoying finger foods, especially 'nanners! He is a very messy boy. Gotta roll up the sleeves!

Taylor loves her some 'nanners, too! She is such a ham when the camera comes out!

My name is Jordan and I love to eat plastic!

Check out the teeth!

Oh, that eating was such hard, hard work! She fell asleep right in her highchair, so we left her there for a little snooze!

Jordan LOVES to stuff his mouth. Lots of gagging. Good times. And we gotta watch him for choking like you would not believe! This boy gives us a run for our money in the eating department. He also apparently has an endless appetite!

Um, I think I'll take "cute as can be" for 100, Alex.

Penny, Taylor, and Chase. Thanks for letting T wear your hat, Chase!

At Penny's grandmother's surprise 90th birthday party, they took a picture of all the grandkids and great grandkids...and there is even a great great grandkid (Chase)! Penny especially likes this pic, since the babies have so many cousins and I have only one. And this is only ONE side of her family!
Penny and her siblings have not been all together for a long time, but here they were at Gram's 90th. What a motley crew, ey? Standing from oldest to youngest, from right to left: Gordie, Bobby, Cindy, Penny, and Raymond

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