Sunday, September 9, 2007

An update and some new pics!

We are settling in nicely in Vermont. The house is great, the boxes are almost unpacked, and the leaves are starting to change. The mornings and evenings are cool (yay!), but the days are humid (BOO!). Here are some pics from before the move, that I wanted to make sure to include.

Over the past few years, I have been a part of an amazing knitting group, formed totally by chance through craigs*list. These women are funny and smart and kind and talented and I am so glad to have found them. But, now I miss them! We started a tradition a few years ago, when the first group member had a baby. We started knitting baby blankets for the new babies by knitting individual squares and then sewing them together into a patchwork blanket.

I am the third woman in the knitting group to have a baby since the group formed. But, the first to have twins! It was quite an undertaking for these special women, but above is the fruits of their labor. I can easily imagine these gorgeous blankets on the college dorm beds of the kids when they get older. These blankets will be trasured for many years to come, as will my friendships with the Purl Gurls! Love you guys!

Here's me with the two blankets! Thank you ladies!

Here's a pic of Taylor (before the move), enjoying some time on the activity mat. We finally caught her smiling on camera! Taylor is now wearing some of Jordan's hand-me-downs (as above), sinc Jordan is a big dude and Taylor is our little petite fleur!
Mama Penny and Jordan enjoy some quiet time in Berkeley. Check out the message on the butt of the pants! So cute!
Here's our two hunks of love enjoying some together time. Could you just eat them up, or what?

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Jude said...

Hey - I've been told you know my friend Jessica L. You're cousins! Small world, right?