Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are alive and well!

Hello everyone! Greetings from the land of sleep deprivation and dirty diapers! It is early in the morning, when I feel best, and both babes are asleep. Penny is taking advantage of some extra shut eye, as Taylor gave her quite a run for her money last night! I am taking advantage of the quiet for some blogging and email time. We have been so blessed by the support of our friends. Above are Sarah, Sarah, Sue and Sussi who came over one night for some baby holding and feeding. Thanks guys! You all look like naturals!
Babies are doing well and really enjoy being next to each other. They often snuggle together in the basinett or other places in our house. They like to nuzzle each other and also flail about in an uncontrolled fashion. They are such funny monkeys to watch. They really seem to know each other and to enjoy being close to each other. Truly fascinating to observe!
We are settling into a daily routine of much feeding and changing. They eat about every 2-3 hours and usually give us some good down time of sleeping in their swings or in the basinett in between feedings. As you can imagine, feeding them makes them super happy and changing them makes them super mad. Their little emotions are so all over the place. When it is not super frustrating, it is actually quite comical!
Mama Penny is a natural and the babes love snuggling up to her. In this picture, be sure to observe our monkey boy's back hair. It is a sight to behold, along with the tufts on the backs of his ears. Don't tell anyone, but little Taylor has all the same copious amounts of hair. I think they have both inherited Mama Chris' need to be best friends with a pair of tweezers! LOL!
Overall, we are doing well and we even had our first outing yesterday. Penny put the double stroller together (holy monstrosity, batman!) and we went to Babies R Us. It was a very successful trip, once we figured out how the car seats snapped into the stroller. I'm sure it was a funny site to see us struggling when we first got to the store!

The babies have now graduated from the Kaiser Home Health Program. The nurse came for her 2nd and final visit yesterday. We are proud to announce that both babies are now above their birth weights and weighed in at 5 lbs 13 oz, and 7 lbs, 14 oz. Yay! Our monkeys are growing and thriving and they are getting bigger already! Amazing!


Anonymous said...

oh i can't wait to squeeze them. they are so prescious and gorgeous oh words can't describe how cute they are. so proud of you guys. we love and miss you deeply and can't wait to see you all. they are cute. love you jessica and chase

Nancy Martin said...

They are beeeeeeeutiful! ..and Penny and Chris are glowing!!!

nycphoenix said...

they are precious

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I cannot get over how gorgeous they are! You mommies are looking very peaceful and happy. You sound like you're doing amazing, I'm so happy for you and selfishly cannot wait until I can meet them in person!
Nikki in NH

Merr said...

Hi I just found your blog and wanted to say Congratulations on your twins! What cute babies and what a fun road you have ahead!

Dee Dee said...

Hey Chris and Penny,

THey are adorable!! We are so excited for you! Can we bring you dinner some night or anything?

-dd and karen

daisychain said...

Just found your blog recently. Congrats! You have some mighty beautiful babies!!

Ute said...

Congratulations! What lovely little babies you have! Brings back old times, when the two of mine were at that age, but I didn't look half as relaxed as you do. You do a great job.
Have a nice time with your cuties.
Ute from Germany

Sam said...

Hey Penny!!! Corky told me your wonderful news. Congratulations to you both! The babies are gorgeous! Love, Sam