Sunday, February 25, 2007

Meet our furry family.

Penny wanted to make sure that everyone is familiar with the OTHER members of our expanding family. The kitties are Milo (black and white) and Cosmo (orange). They are a hoot and we don't know what they like more: cuddling with each other or fighting like alley cats. They are a constant source of entertainment. Above you can find Bear, our lovely dog, who is so neglected that she does not even have her own bed. She is forced to spend her days fitting her big doggy butt into the little cat bed. Poor, poor Bear. We are hoping that our pets will adjust well to the babies coming home with us in about 10 weeks. They are certainly always helping us to practice being parents, as life with the three of them requires constant patience!

Introducing Aimee and Jean's baby!

We wanted to let everyone behold the cuteness that is Aimee and Jean's new baby boy, Garett Patrick. He was born on December 16th and we are loving getting to spend time with the new family. Thanks to Aimee and Jean for letting us practice being moms, and for letting our pets get in some quality time with a baby to prepare for our arrivals in a few months!

Finally...some belly pics!

A few weeks ago, Penny and I went to Willits, CA for a babymoon weekend getaway. It was a lovely time and the place we stayed at was gorgeous. We spent one day looking at the huge redwood trees along the Avenue of the Giants. We came across these chairs and could not resist a few pics of me and the baby belly next to them.

Above are some pictures from our cottage that we stayed at on our babymoon weekend. Check out that gorgeous tub! Even my tall and pregnant body could stretch out comfortably and still have plenty of room. I have never taken so many baths in one three-day weekend! On the table is sparkling cider, for those worried about fetal alcohol syndrome!

Who has more babies in their belly? Me or Mama Bear? Well, I have two, Mama Bear, so beat that! This bear statue was also along the Avenue of the Giants and we could not resist a belly comparison picture!

Babies and mama continue to grow and grow. Loving the look of the high maternity jeans waistband under the maternity shirt, no?